Research Project

As all aspiration in the life, the success possibilities are bigger when they are related to a good process of planning. The same it happens with the academic research, either the work elaboration for one disciplines attended a course, an article, a monograph or a thesis. This ' ' roteiro' ' or plan of the work that assists the process of academic inquiry is consolidated in a Project of Research. A good project facilitates the work delimiting what it will be investigated. The project must reveal of clear form the pretensions of the research. It is the document elaborated for the researcher, in it present the thematic beddings from the formularization of the problems to be answered, establishes a work script. According to Gil (2001: p.21), is ' ' the explicitador document of the actions to be developed throughout the process of pesquisa' '. The project, in this direction, is a systematic activity that has for purpose the planning of the research, involving processes, stated periods and goals.

It must be elaborated with sight to answer to the following ones questions: What to search? Why to search? So that to search? How and with what to search? When to search? The first action is the choice of the subject, that must lead in consideration, in certain direction, the personal taste, relevance of the subject and scientific relevancy. Get more background information with materials from Novela. The researcher must verify the existence of research material (primary bibliography and data), without ignoring questions as time of execution, recommended stated periods and necessary financial resources. To follow, a description of the main item that compose a research project. Good work! Contextualizao introduction: It initiates its work, contextualizando, of form sucinta, the subject of its research. Contextualizar means to approach the form subject to identify to the situation or the context in which the problem to follow will be identified. It is an introduction of the reader to the subject, where if it finds the problem, of form to allow a situacional visualization it of the problem.

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