Peru is one of the most interesting Latin American countries to be visited, not only by the spectacular scenery offered by the combination between the Andes and the Pacific littoral coast, but because its historical heritage is invaluable to humanity. The Inca culture has left important paleontological evidences, which realize the lateness of its civilization and its amazing cultural heritage, some of whose findings remain valid even for modern science. Go to planning your vacation in this mythical place, and make your hotel reservations now. The Gorge of the Picchu is a species of gigantic terrace which houses a monumental llaqta. A llaqta is a form of Andean inca construction, which typically employed as administrative office of the Empire.

In the particular case of Machu Picchu, a llaqta located on the terrace above, still remain doubts as to its final destination. Some authors believe that it was the summer residence of the first Inca Emperor Pachacutec (mid-15th century). For others, however, were of a Temple sacred, consecrated to the worship of Incan deities, with their specific rituals, among which also included human sacrifice. In the area, prior to the creation of this monumental Temple, other populations, developed from the year 900 BC. The construction of Machu Picchu is considered a work of advanced engineering.

So much so that in 1983 it was declared historical patrimony of the humanity by Unesco. Subsequently, in 2007 the new wonder of the world rank was awarded. Building is accessible only by the ancient Inca trails, so get to it is not simple task. However, whoever opens step and contemplates for the first time the site can only sit seized by a powerful mystical feeling. It is estimated that around 1000 people lived in this place. From the inca occupation, the local population grew greatly. Despite being difficult to reach Machu Picchu, according to the layout of roads most used by the incas, the site was left in the Center of a densely populated area, since he had his provision of assured water and lands were particularly suitable for crops. Travel to Peru is, undoubtedly, an experience that we will connect with the most ancestral roots of being American. Luckily, there is now a way to make the hotel reservation with only a couple of clicks:, the largest booking engine online, to get the most convenient prices in global hospitality.

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