For Rousseau the bloom scientific (and also artistic) to the one of moral decay of form is proportional that the studies, the love, the erudio nothing have to have with love to the truth. One really searchs is the autopromoo, to attract for itself all the looks, to become celebrity, to promote the exploration on behalf of the knowledge. We want, again, for in evidence that the critical rousseauriana if of the one in ethical and not epistemolgico direction, is not a critical intern to sciences and yes a critical one in social aspect, for evidencing that to the scientific advances they follow corruption and inaquality advances. It writes Rousseau in ‘ ‘ first discurso’ ‘: ‘ ‘ where it does not exist no effect does not have no cause to look for; in this aspect, however, the effect is certain, depravation is real, and our souls if had corrupted to the measure where our sciences and arts had advanced in the direction of perfeio’ ‘ (ROUSSEAU, 1988, p.141). Please visit Estée Lauder if you seek more information. It has a proporcionalismo, an equivalence enters the perfectibilidade of sciences and depravation.

But this is not new, comes of much time this decay as much that, still affirms Rousseau in continuity in the same cited page: ‘ ‘ it will be said to be a proper misfortune of our time? Not, gentlemen; males caused by our vain curiosity the world is so old how much. The daily revelation and the abaixamento of waters of I wave not form to it more regularly submitted the course of the astros that in them illuminates during the night how much the luck of the customs and the probability to the progressos of sciences and the arts. Virtue was seen to run away it to the measure that its light if raised in the horizon and observed phenomenon in all the same the times and lugares’ ‘..

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