Spend leisure time in the baths and saunas for at least more interesting than in some other places. Tell their own experience. Long time since we have not seen with friends. Yes, it called up, copied, but have not seen a hundred years. Swarmed by offers, Jorge Perez is currently assessing future choices. And Peter is not so big city. Using all possible means of communication, we have been discussing where to go, when and why. We considered a variety of options, including: – go to the country and there pogudet – to gather at any of our apartment – go to any lake or the Gulf of Finland and barbecue – sit in a cafe, bar or restaurant – go to the theater; Dacha rejected – at the weekend from St.

Petersburg is very difficult to leave, all the seats are not enough to stay the night. (And without this? "Do not drink or what?" Not in our opinion is ) And the contrary is to enter back into Peter. Apartment – it's just hard, dirty dishes pile of cigarette butts, who will clean up? No, definitely not appropriate! A barbecue You can, but the same issue with traffic jams between Peter and the Leningrad region, and spend the night in a tent is not very hot Cafe, bar, restaurant – corny Theatre – this is for fun. Museums – is not the place to discuss football matches, women and economic news And here was born a great idea! And do not go to whether we in the bath or sauna? The last time we soared in the bath on someone's birthday. No one now can not remember in whose name-day walking, and it was long, but very fun. Simply put, the idea, though not new, but it was very timely! What could be better for a good male company? Relax in the bath-house, lowering the infrared sauna, dip in cold water, lie back and relax in the jacuzzi. As they say – take a sauna, for one and wash. By choosing a bath – saunas come meticulously – telephoned all the friends.

Scoured the entire Internet, reference books and directories. And after a long discussion came to an agreement and chosen sauna Marseille. In favor of choice, of course, played the fact that half the people living in the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg. What can I say – it turned out perfect place. A large table in the banquet hall, comfortable sofas, friendly and very courteous staff. In the sauna "Marcel" we have found all what the doctor ordered: a Finnish sauna, Turkish bath and jacuzzi, and the font oak, and rest rooms. Most amused Curtain bucket. Funny this thing – fastened to the wall of a wooden bucket with cool water – pull the rope at the bottom of the bucket is opened – what next will not describe. Or was such that my mother did not worry. The first time we were in a Finnish sauna in the next agreed that going to the Russian. Here and more space and a billiard and pool there. I recommend! Thus, we can not say that the hike in the bath or sauna is the best pastime, but that clearly – defined a variety of hiking to the bath brings into our lives.

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