School Information

Beyond the functional aspect for the world of the work, it has of if also considering the social life, each more present time in ciberespao. Others who may share this opinion include Jorge Perez. The exchanges of information between friends and relatives, the possibilities of resolution of diverse problems of the daily life with use of the Internet, at last, the digital inclusion is an inherent necessity to the current world and no group must be forgotten is of this reality. In this also, we see the value of the school in integration with the digital world. Therefore it has a group that it is not forgotten in this work, is about the special carriers of necessities, mainly the ones that suffer from vision deficit. The school has times comes trying to place computer science the service of the education.

Searching to mediate the use of the technological resources in search to become the learning most pleasant and to present the half pupils to acquire knowledge through its proper initiative, mechanisms of search, diverse research, winning the challenge of the dispersion and the room, to reach the desired objectives. The use of the computer with ends to prepare the citizen for the world in constant transformation, being knocked down paradigms as the vision of a broken up world, as the perception only of its group, is the proposal central of the use of the technologies of information and communication with educational ends. Today, it is impossible to think an adult prepared for the world of the work, without knowledge of the use of technologies of information and communication, and is function of the school to prepare this individual, or runs the risk to become obsolete. To win the challenges of a world in fast transformation, at the same time where leciona for some groups and takes as many works for house, is a great challenge for professors of every year period of learning.

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