Science Knowledge

The modern theories of the learning had undone the figure of ' ' professional of ensino' ' , placing the professor, as professional of the learning. In this direction, these theories indicate new routes for the formation of the professor; she is necessary to form the searching professor as solution to keep it in continuous perfectioning and update, in order to renew and to retroalimentar education. It is necessary to find alternative exits metodologicamente systemize, so that the professor can have greater productivity in the work, beyond being able to use itself simple and adjusted instrument to the accomplishment of research. Demon (1997) affirms: ' ' Certainly, it does not have formation without information, but this is half. It is of all crucial distinguishing formative processes from other instructive ones, without causing contemptuous blemish for these, since both are importantes' '. The information are to the reach of considerable number of people, in any part of the world, with rapidity never seen in all history of the humanity, what it implies in the loss of the power of what before they were its detainers.

The dissemination of the knowledge generates the democracy and, in the measure where to more it withholds it people, better conditions have to understand the reality and to consider alternatives for a future where if alive and more better. The education has as task the challenge of the rapidity in learning and the renewal of the learned one, having to use itself of the resources of Science and the Technique so that the knowledge if becomes substance cousin and the main factor of production and exercise of the citizenship. Under this optics the profile appears of ' ' new professor' ': it must be the person who orientates of the pupil in its initial learning, in the search of ways proper formative strategies; the estimulador of its curiosity to search the knowledge, searching and looking the information most excellent; the coordinator of the reached results to contextualizar them it the reality.

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