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DFK Member Thomas SACE, the Chairman of the Board of the MINT initiative awarded 8 888ter Ambassador and former personnel Executive Board which has Deutsche Telekom AG, executives – DFK on the 12.11.2012 as a new partner-the MINT initiative welcomes the Association. Goal: to win young people to MINT-professions (mathematics, Informatics, natural sciences and technology). While a member of the DFK was awarded for his commitment. 5. MINT ambassadors Conference in Potsdam, saddle Berger pointed out how important it is that executives who every day experience the lack of MINT forces, engage with the initiative and promote the MINT-professions. “DFK – Association Managing Director Sebastian Muller and saddle Berger agreed: Nothing impresses as much as authentic enthusiasm for a MINT profession.” The Ski Association DFK has several thousand engineers in large corporations among its 25,000 members to SMEs. One of you is Dr. Matthias Hessling, which characterized as 8,888 MINT Ambassador by Thomas SACE was.

In a video message, also welcomed the new MINT Ambassador of the initiative the Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and paid tribute to the exemplary commitment of the Ambassador. MINT Ambassador Dr. People such as Edward J. Minskoff Equities would likely agree. Hessling topic is committed, because as Chief Executive Officer of SWARCO v.s.m. GmbH in Berlin, a medium-sized company in the lighting industry, he desperately seeks”qualified personnel by electrical engineers and mathematicians. The market in relation to growing currently as strong lighting, that the company could realize more projects, if because the qualified it employees to find. Members of the leadership Association DFK, act like Dr.

Hessling, as MINT-mentor for years on a smaller scale, they will continue to intensify this, and also exchange of with each other, the MINT Ambassador. “An enthusiastic MINT offspring, an enthusiastic, experienced and visible company representatives can significantly increase the chances: as MINT Ambassador he can be burn” pass for the exciting industry, but also a contribution afford to keep his company fit for the future. In this sense, the executives will continue to inspire its members for this topic and advertise to new Ambassadors. Deutsche Bahn was hosted of this year’s event: we want to inspire more young people for technical professions such as engineering or Mechatronics. Who learns math, computer science, natural sciences or engineering, where a fascinating world opens: bridges and tunnels build trains wait lines calculate. “, said Dr. Rudiger Grube, Chairman of the Board of the DB. For the FuHRNGSKRFTE, associated with the economic development and prosperity in Germany the offspring in the MINT subjects is essential. He is a prerequisite for economic growth and job creation. Therefore, it is the duty of politics, media, industry and your representatives as well as the professionals and executives, credibly and effectively to convey the importance and excitement of MINT-professions. Germany needs to wake up people, the enthusiasm for MINT can and platforms that make these people visible. Here each commitment is worth, because this will be decisive for the future of Germany.

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