SMEs Productivity

Designs of quality control. Models of evaluation of the quality and productivity. Models and systems of monitoring and evaluation of efforts in the productive sector and regional level service. The quality assurance management and index of production processes quality audit Human Factor on productivity quality management organizational climate in quality and productivity improvement, quality and productivity for small and medium industry. Kaizen for quality and productivity costs in quality and productivity strategic planning in quality and continuous improvement productivity and zero defects. Up to the present 9 cohorts, where some of its graduates have have completed the program provided research that have favored the companies where they work or have worked, providing them thanks to research boilers, actions that have been taken into account and have promoted the importance of the current role of the quality and productivity that every company in the present should be handled, it is added, that investigations have helped to redefine the profile of specialist quality and productivity that the country needsgiving way to knowledge, tools that are significant for the culture of quality and productivity in the Venezuelan business sector, particularly SMEs, by defining the courses that should be taught and favors him.

Investigations have contributed in addition, in the dissemination of the results published in virtual magazines, newspapers, articles, publicizing the achievements, as well as forums, debates, conferences. Despite this, the program considers that there are barriers to the achievement of academic excellence, since obtaculizan that does not have a dedicated full-time faculty at the research, which collaborate actively with the participant, promotes them as a tutor, proactive guide in their investigations. Its teachers are hired staff who work outside the University and academic activities that the program holds beyond dictate their classes spend very little time. To this is added, the little collaboration of the authorities to encourage the development of investigations with budgets, tools and incentives that enable it.

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