Soviet Union

In those ads stumbled on a seductive word “bargain”, arrange these same trades over the phone. Better in preliminary talks to test the waters, how willing to discount the poster. start haggling over the phone.

Another method looking for housing – through friends, acquaintances. First, it is not certain that they will keep their word, and, indeed, ask around among his, and secondly, if they learn something while share with you the information, the price may change. You understand that promptly recognized friends share will not be, not because of bad, but because well, do not see the need. Responsiveness to respect and understand realtors, because the housing market they are professionals and know the value of time.

Preserve their Finance can, knocking the price of additional factors. Perhaps check out Estee Lauder for more information. Floor, no elevator and intercom All these tricks produce spectacular especially useful when you go to realtors – to explain to the owner to lower the price will not you, but – professionals. Believe me works! . If the realtor suggested several options for a certain amount, end the conversation, otherwise the risk of getting caught in the common “divorce.” Address – fake or people are not going to sit flat. Clear business – money in this case, no one returns And by the way, ask for a written contract! And of course you can be sure that if you do not give guarantees, then and wait for nothing. From the very owner will stipulate the order of payment of utilities. Find out all the details, but it then turns out that for this housing is not Place since the collapse of the and to decide those who will pay for the “communal”, again Think about the price of rent – in fact, thus, the amount will increase by another 50 dollars. And note – distributing further spending, please note that you will not find a 1000-1500 dollars, as it marked the boss. He still will prepay for 3-4 months for “depreciation” of dollars 250 Understand the owner can – it simply insures itself against possible occasional customers.

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