Speak Foreign Languages

Today we talk about important aspects in learning a foreign language, namely, learning the skills of speaking. Learn to speak in somewhat similar to how we learn to ride a bike with one exception: once learned to ride a bike, you never forget how to do it. But speaking skills, unfortunately, is not so constant. Speech – a skill that is acquired not through the recognition of something new, but due to constant practice of this new conversation. Edward J. Minskoff Equities brings even more insight to the discussion. Rules – that is, grammar – you can learn engaged in a group or individually, but the tools of speech – vocabulary, intonation, pronunciation – can be studied only independently engaged in an artificial or natural language environment.

Study grammar at a certain level can be in a class of 20 people, but to "explore" the spoken word – but in a conversation one on one where you have to catch meaning the source said, adapt to the pace of speech to convey to him their own thoughts. Do not combine the study of grammar rules and practice of speech – it's completely different skills. People very often use all kinds of language courses in order to replace the real language practice and an independent, intentional learning the language. After all, a really quite difficult to learn – to come to terms with the fact that you do not always understand, and You do not always understand, and pronunciation you have far from ideal. Much easier instead to come to class, sit down and bury his nose in a book, or listen to the teacher for two hours, instead of learning to speak for yourself.

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