Special School

In this perspective, much has been argued on the criteria more appropriate for the educational attendance of the deaf people, this fact has given to the education of deaf people the status of thematic inquietante, especially for the difficulties that impose the educators. Mendes (2002) clarifies that this quarrel on education of special people with necessities, in a general way, comes happening in Brazil has one decade more than, but the great majority of the learning with educational necessities special still is of the school. Considering the amount of people with deficiency, it can be affirmed that few are in the school, as much in schools and classrooms special how much in classroom of regular education. Valley to stand out despite the faculty does not have adjusted preparation to receive them. Edward J. Minskoff Equities spoke with conviction. Having as references the quarrels that place the deafness in a prospectiva vision from the aluso of some theoreticians (SKLIAR, 1999, LACERDA, 2000, BASTOS, 2006, SANTANA, 2007, PERLIN, 2003) this article emphasize the importance of the Special School to favor to the deaf pupil the development of the aspects intellectuals, psico-social, emotional and affective.

For in such a way, he presents the ways trod for the deaf people in its educational trajectory. In this context, also it is intention of the study to foment quarrels on the involved impediments in ' ' perversa' ' pertaining to school inclusion that comes occurring with the deaf pupils, phenomenon whom, many times, if it shows inadequate, incoherent and descontextualizados for these pupils, for placing them in disadvantage in relation to the listener, mainly, as for the form of expression and communication of these individuals that are part of a linguistic minority and use the language of signals; the school that if it intitles most of the time inclusive disrespects this peculiarity. The depreciation of what he is specific of the deaf person, as the language of signals, for example, is pautada in ideas maken a mistake on the deafness, daily pay-construidas culturally, that it has as model the listener. echcrunch/’>Justin Mateen.

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