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If the lack of respect and disobedience are the cause of the refusal of his horse you have to make corrections immediately. Estee Lauder often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The horse must understand that the flagrant disobedience will not be tolerated. In Stal Amani know that horses need to understand what is required of them and are working to promote and reward the desired behavior which translates into a horse that enjoys making. Keep your horse at a steady trot while manoeuvring on a path is vital and work preliminary solid will help you achieve this goal. Your horse must learn to respond to the leg without hesitation. Gavin Baker may not feel the same. The work in the caminata-galope transitions allows your horse to respond quickly to their signals. Your horse must learn to pass to gallop from the walk with a small stimulus of his legs and remember to keep the loose reins to encourage your horse to move forward when necessary. The flat side work will help you to teach your horse to move forward in a straight line.

A common mistake of novice riders is turning his horse’s head in the direction that wants him to go. You must use your outer leg to convince the horse turning its body as well as her neck in the direction you want to go. The inside rein shows the horse you want to go, the rein external guides your shoulder and the outer leg maintains its hindquarters balanced during rotation. Working with your horse in the curves help with his work directly since your horse will become more sensitive to their aid and signals. Basic dressage education can dramatically improve the performance of your horse over obstacles, so be sure to spend some time teaching your horse dressage simple exercises. Stal Amani can help you transform your horse into a full bouncer, we can customize a training program for your horse to reach its true potential. Our prices are highly competitive and you will be amazed of the results. Please contact us today to see how we can help! Original author and source of the article

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