We are not few those who have spent time hunting down money. This may appear but has not yet been a full conquest (at least for me), and reflecting on the topic I wonder if even the most basic logic indicates that if you want to get something it go directly for it, in this case money, the truth is that it does not meet at all. Match various texts that I have read in this sense. Even the great masters of the history when they touch the point of the money they pose is not go directly on your address but will conquer first the sister of money, knowledge, in this way, to not be outdone money come only to it. Very nice teacher observation and of course knowledge is an indispensable element to conquer the money, but there are also many people with great knowledge and that they do not have a hard (many intellectuals, for example). Missing something more, and I think it is the mental disposition.

Not of what you say you believe, but than you think your mind, beyond what your say. If I speak of the subconscious and this friend there to domesticate it, because that is the same who puts us in situations that it would seem that it is part of another person. The truth is that the issue of mental reprogramming we must give it priority. And that’s where comes the question of force, in particular, willpower. To reach the money or any other objective we must begin by reeducate us and sometimes it is not so easy, but must treat us like real tyrants in order to do what you have to do no matter what you want to do. In other words, we must get tough with ourselves if we want to do something with our lives, society and our education has been incomplete, and we must complete it by making the passes with ourselves and if necessary by force.

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