Suffering Life

vSofrimento is one of the things that more we have in our life, is pain that we support, is the affliction inside of in, is to be tormented of one or varies horrible things that happen in them in our life! vSofrimento is pain, hurt, revolt that if constructs inside of us, inside of one determined subject or several that happen in them in the life that in transtorna in us, in our head! vSofrimento is a very difficult feeling to support, but everything depending on the cases! vQuando our heart it reaches this suffering, for we is as if the world had finished, is without forces to fight, is a very difficult feeling of if obtaining to esplicar or to state, because each in case that it has a different feeling, that is, in cases the feeling provokes more pain, in others provokes little, one more easy to support, the other difficults, but always a little difficult to exceed! vMas when this happens, many times, until is good to learn to me to live and to give it them to me them to value many times the life that we have, and to to arrive them it to me this conclusion and when the suffering arriving in them at our body, to our heart, is not to think that alone in them it is that we suffer or that our life finished, in this in case that it is when we have to think that the people worse that we and to fight them to me for the suffering to erase themselves inside of in, and to be happy, and after being happy if this suffering to come back are not to give up in such a way for I oppose and not to leave this happiness to go although and to fight the day the day more to me each time for ours objectivos dreams/, and for ours happiness exactly that this suffering in tries to put below vSei that it is difficult to obtain to make what I wrote because, already I know some levels of suffering, almost all they perhaps, also know that it hope not to fight and to be happy but, we have that mentalizar in them that we deserve all being happy, and for this it is to go the fight and to fight the barriers that hinder in them of this! visa everything until obtaining to me to materialize them to me them that really we want, and to know to me to think in such a way them that I wrote exactly depending on the difficulty degree that this bringing in them! they vPensem in that is see if really already they had suffered asserio, and if they know the suffering degrees as I!

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