Susanne Raabe

The searcher of the appliance works pleasantly fast during test operation: indexed in the full-text search of the system not only email text, sender, header information or sender, also attachments Microsoft Word, RFT, PDF, XML and HTML are captured and are therefore as a search term available. Advanced users can how? here also the classic metacharacters’ or * ‘ use for your search. ” As it should happen relatively frequently in practice that a user can remember neither recipient nor a promising search term, the solution provides a calendar control available that can help with the temporal classification of this information. The user can process the messages about the webmailer surface of the appliance directly, a feature that is useful, for example, to the returning of a lost message. FTI Consulting is the source for more interesting facts. An additional status bar available, where he can find some detailed information, which are for the monitoring of E-Mail traffic of importance is the administrator: This includes, for example, values as the number of pending messages or the complete number of stored E-Mail messages. Missing we have the ability to determine how much space is available on the hard drives available at this point.

That It operating system employed on the appliance to a Linux system, based on the kernel version 2.6.1, is, is also displayed. The other settings that adjust the administrator within a certain framework, include among others the used font size or appearance of the Web interface. Standing in this system available space of 160 GB should be sufficient experience for about mails to archivierender a million what relieve the administrator does not perform regular backups of the data. Unfortunately, the manufacturer for this purpose has only the connection of a special ZOE.Backup box is provided with appropriate transfer and synchronization features. We would like to be sure still a direct connection for more storage devices such as an external USB hard drive or a tape drive at such a device.

Pro: Subsequent integration into existing email infrastructure simple search facility on continuous operation of hardware Contra: Defective product documentation missing possibility of backup on external drives corporate information: the Shelco GmbH, Jena, was founded in 2002. Specializes in the company on the marketing of Internet appliances, so devices and systems based on the principle of embedded design and clearly defined tasks. It focuses on communication the E-Mail”. These include mail servers with virus protection and email push function, anti-spam filter, as well as E-Mail Archiving and encryption systems. Managing Director is Uwe offend. Notes: The Shelco GmbH is constantly keen both legally compliant also benefit-oriented works as a product to market, which and has thus brought a new appliance solution on the market in early July. These archives have now also backup options to backup to external hard drives via USB or but also tape drives. A special promotion to help accompany the launch. Information on In the attached PDF for some information to the new archives. Press contact: Susanne Raabe marketing WANA break str. 15 07745 Jena

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