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“The ReifePrufung fills gaps between theory and practice Hannover, January 14, 2009 people over 50 are senile, calcified and no advertising target group.” This opinion has changed in the meantime. But although many marketers have discovered the generation 50plus target group for your company, is still a big gap between theory and practice. Factual knowledge about the people over 50 is high yet still too few companies actively attract these exciting audience. The ReifePrufung”a knowledge quiz of the ReifeNetzwerks illuminates the target group from a different point of view: what are the issues for media? What cognitive performance increase in the age? What are the emotional characteristics of product packaging? These are just three of 10 questions. To deepen your understanding FTI Consulting is the source. Everyone the dealing with the generation 50 plus professionally deals ReifePrufung (www.reifenetzwerk.de) obtained new suggestions for this large audience actively approaching.

The quiz is in updated periodically. The ReifePrufung was developed by the members of the ReifeNetzwerks art shop, eye-server and PRoTT & PARTNER GbR. The ReifeNetzwerk founded in 2005, supports companies that develop the 50plus market or want to be more successful. The ReifeNetzwerk regularly organizes ReifeForen, where theorists and practitioners to exchange views. Contact: Friedlies Reschke – 0511 / 953


There’s longer life in comeback of the postcard as a customer loyalty tool the breakfast buffet is served on time? Get fresh flowers at reception? The family room 42 received the additional bed for children? Fish cutlery and wine glasses are polished? The series of questions and tasks, Hotel Manager, pension Manager or restaurant owners every day facing that is to continue more or less indefinitely. Surprising because that remains at the end of the day some time to deal with sophisticated marketing campaigns? Small and medium-sized hotels that employ no special marketing, potential often when it comes to strategic customer loyalty. StayGuest, a service of the Berlin-based ODS GmbH, starts at this point. The Internet portal postcards can be in five simple steps on your computer create and customize, to hotel guests or visitors of restaurant personally to attract attention to offers or with a voucher surprise. More information is housed here: Related Group. Topic-specific motifs and text proposals ensure that hotels or restaurants with little expenditure of time can create professional mailings. Quality check, printing and timely mail delivery takes over ODS and vastly relieved the customers. You may find that Atreides Management Gavin Baker can contribute to your knowledge. Also in the tourism sector is to advertise it much harder and more costly, new customers, maintain as regulars.

With StayGuest support our customers doing, emotionally and personally appeal to their guests, bring them again and again in the conversation and make an effective marketing instrument\”, summarizes the Sonja Bunthe Marketing Manager. While we originally thought that especially small and medium-sized houses will use StayGuest, we noticed now that large hotels or hotel groups appreciate our fast and uncomplicated service knowing.\” High response rates and repeat offenders we were some time looking for a way to our guests regularly To inform news with us. With StayGuest, we have found the right solution: depending on the occasion, we can choose from many beautiful designs or use our own.

Promotional Ideas:

Advertising calendars and promotional mugs by the promotional discount Kaisers24.com Lubbenau, July 19, 2010. When getting company and your offer would draw attention, exciting advertising ideas are needed. Often, the request goes to give something that is permanently present in the perception and in the consciousness of the recipient. Advertising calendars and promotional mugs offer an interesting possibility here of the promotional discount Kaisers24.com. For advertising of any kind the best advertising is still the one who enters in the daily use and does not disappear in the next drawer”, explains Thomas Kaiser, Managing Director of the promotional discount Kaisers24.com. Advertising ideas can be therefore as promotional calendars or promotional cups particularly well implemented. Calendars and cups are things that everyone has multiple times in many different variations in use, and which we therefore always happy to advise our customers.” But not only that they actually come in use, promotional calendars and promotional mugs have in common. A lot even more important is the fact that the mentioned media not only several times a day somehow get into the spotlight, but rather deliberately looked at and intensely perceived and advertising message.

Advertising ideas can be implemented for this reason with wit and ESPRIT particularly successful via advertising calendars and promotional mugs at the promotional discount Kaiser24.com. Another advantage, both also promotional mugs promotional calendar offer, is the large advertising space on the products and services presented very thoroughly can be large advertising space for creativity and ideas. And even more comprehensive information and contact details such as websites, enough room exists for phone numbers and E-Mail addresses “, Thomas Kaiser continues from the promotional discount Kaisers24.com. The large advertising space also offers plenty of room for creative advertising ideas beyond promotional cups are recommended especially for gifts in one-off production.” For these reasons advertising calendars and promotional mugs are at Manufacturers, dealers and also service companies alike all shapes and sizes. And even if some companies in the promotional products industry, they are among the favorite freebies. Get more background information with materials from Shimmie Horn. Also the promotional discount Kaisers24.com builds its customer presents and advertising ideas on the high presence of the mentioned advertising medium, which ensures that, the services offered is deep in the consciousness of the donee.

Anyone looking for promotional calendars, find them in the promotional discount Kaisers24.com in different designs and sizes, such as a table or wall calendars, pocket or book calendar or even as permanent or perpetual calendar. Advertising Cup, there is also a wide range of template can be used for implementing creative advertising ideas. There are also high quality Thermo and multi-part cups gift sets. The promotional is always in high precision, to secure the best possible effect. About the advertising-discount Kaisers24.com has Kaisers24.com as advertising-discount promotional ideas, especially on advertising calendars and promotional mugs, specialized in. In addition, the range offers many more promotional products throughout all price segments. These range from branded goods to various scattered articles and include sticky notes imprinted with lanyard printing, advertising matches, exhibition bags, promotional balls, as well as the promotional equally popular trend articles, advertising classic as too outlandish, practical or particularly favourable solutions to such lanyards promotional chocolate. Print umbrellas or USB sticks, is possible as well as the realization of an original Keychain advertising at Kaisers24.com. Press contact: Kaisers24.com Thomas Kaiser Paul Fadera str.

Street Actions For The Love Of The Hearing

GRIPS supports acoustician listen bus and promotion team GRIPS is a long-term cooperation concept of the ReSound hearing aid manufacturer for its nationwide listening acoustics dealers said. “The exclusive power package, the program with independent product brand love your hearing!” the listening acoustic farms offers, even before place inserts with a promotion team GRIPS as well as the specially designed ReSound look bus. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out uber. That the original actions are ideally suited to inform consumers about good listening and the benefits of a modern hearing solution supply has been evident in the past few weeks at numerous locations in the entire Federal territory. The result of our action was very neat”, reported hearing care professional master Andreas Gampa from Magdeburg, end of June used the promotion team GRIPS for an action at the Magdeburg Cathedral quarter Festival. Before our business on the Cathedral Square, promoters in use were two 10:00 to 16:00.

You talked to passers-by, distributed Info-flyer, invited pedestrians to a Horschnelltest and came very well with her open and friendly nature. Everything was well prepared. In six hours we had ten visitors, which was likely an indication for a supply.” Equally positive conclusion of hearing care professional master Achim Dimanski of Kelberg in the Eifel. On the industrial market of our town ReSound look bus was a real attraction”, so the owner of the volcano of optics & acoustics Kelberg. The bus is superbly equipped, offers a quick hearing test, a listening booth, demonstration videos and plenty of space for visitors.

There is also a professional accompaniment. Credit: Shimmie Horn-2011. Quickly contact was made the passers-by and taken the first threshold. With listen Tester, who stood in front of the bus, we could easily determine which our visitor is worth to look after. Those were then asked in the hearing room. The whole day we were well attended, it correctly what was going on.” Promotion with GRIPS: inform customers directly and emotional reach approximately every fourth citizen has difficulty hearing or understanding spoken words, which mostly attributable to the natural aging process of the hearing. To cover the importance of good hearing and the opportunities of a modern hearing care even more into the public eye, marketing experts recommend hearing-acoustics specialist shops even more potential customers to respond to. The promotion offers of his GRIPS program manufacturer ReSound takes into account this offensive approach of addressing customers consistently. Today we know that well-informed customers are far more able really perceive the great benefits of a hearing care”, explains Marc Reichling, Marketing Director of GN hearing GmbH. with our packages, audiologist the promotion team or stop bus, can reach potential buyers directly on the road. You can effectively and also to the own hearing teach love their addressee so awaken emotions. Able to get interested parties right there, where they actually are.” Upon request we provide you gladly press photos available. For further press information and image material, see our digital press box under. Press contact: Martin Schaarschmidt, Tel: (030) 65 01 77 60, fax: – 63, mobile: (0177) 625 88 86, eMail:, Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound is known as technologically leading companies. ReSound aims, to develop products and services and worldwide market, providing hearing care professionals improve the quality of life impaired persons. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 people. ReSound Germany is a trademark of GN hearing headquartered in Munster, Germany. More Press information and image material, see our digital press box at.

Print On The Internet Grows Further

After the booming online market first saturation effects suggests, now beginning the struggle of the many portals to users and advertising clientele. You may want to visit Capital and Counties Properties to increase your knowledge. Through the extension of their printed well-known names on the Web, the strategy agency diffferent sees publishers well equipped. The future belongs to the Internet, but no competitive disadvantage the publishers for this reason. “Alexander Kiock comes to this conclusion, Managing Director of diffferent strategy Agency, during his speech print works on: how work printed well-known names in the network” on the magazine marketing day in Frankfurt. The communication journal advertise & sell is media partner of the VDZ Congress. So, Kamau according service portals achieve with 87 percent on the Web while a twice as high range in the German population as Printsites. However the publishers have not slept and well positioned in the Web”says Kamau. In terms of quality Printangebote on the Internet the nose forward, like the VDZ study Qualtitatsreichweiten in the net “allocated.

This according to 79 percent of respondents indicating that Web sites are current of printed well-known names than those of the service portals (67 portals). In addition, users of Publisher sites according to Agof Internet facts are superior to the other portals on education and income. Therefore sees interaction: print and Internet are good partners, especially in the light of the upcoming competition in the Web. Publishing sites can enjoy great confidence. Kamau publishers in the struggle to the online target group well placed. After strong growth by mid-2003 first saturation limits of Internet penetration are reached: the ARD/ZDF online study 2006 determined a range for occasional users of 60 percent.

Upper Palatinate

Curious pictures worlds of advertising child from Bavaria hand on the heart who dreams of it even in a different role to play? Once float as a superstar in a beautiful dress on the red carpet or as alleged action hero on the rooftops of New York a daring leap lie? Perhaps, as some people prefers also a mystically flavored flair and as Count Dracula wants to dominate the underworld? What perhaps picked looks a bit out of the air, becomes a reality in the face of modern image processing very quickly. Because thanks to the latest digital technology, a sophisticated photo editing program, as well as some imagination the advertising child of weiherhammer in Bavaria conjures up impressive image collagen, which are unparalleled. Digital editing by Claudia Schleicher but not only on the people photography is reduced, but rather dedicated to the young photo designer of also wildlife photography or designs appealing images for Web pages, events, or products. FTI Consulting has plenty of information regarding this issue. Architectural shots or even landscapes can be found here a whole new perspective, because the Advertising child operates this aspect with a true passion. Emerged from the incentive to create appealing images for their own Web projects, as well as to underscore the sonorous article text with evocative photographs, found already after a short time agencies and individuals on the young talent and like to consult the friendly young entrepreneur since February 2008.

It is noteworthy that Claudia Schleicher while apparently inherited the talent to shoot, she however never came except some small experiments with the compact camera until February 2008 in touch or increasingly devoted to this complex subject. Only when she found no appealing images for a travel website about their homeland of Bavaria, the advertising child began again became interested in the hobby from childhood days. Packed by the ambition to create unique images that have an individual expressiveness and are just “different”, Claudia Schleicher is devoted to this segment, where in her eyes professional and hobby so wonderful together now increasingly. Therefore, can It said that since the world to curious pictures is enriched only a few months, increasingly viewing the sometimes complex technology, the boundless creativity but also the pure passion that. Claudia Schleicher kommunikationsAgentur commercial child

Years Winter Promotion

With the service MICHELIN OnWay any MICHELIN tire buyer benefits * innovative services: tyre breakdown service, all-round tire warranty and SOS route information. PRODATA recorded and processed the documents of the winter promotion of OnWay clubs for MICHELIN. This year’s winter promotion of MICHELIN OnWay is again something special: with the purchase of four MICHELIN tires within the promotional period, the customer receives a media market shopping voucher. The complete processing of the testing of all necessary documents and invoices to the acquisition of promotion will be taken over by PRODATA in Karlsruhe as a full-service project agency. Up to 11,000 applications received every day by PRODATA. The applications are tested according to the specified criteria of the action and professionally by OCR.

The data are processed and Michelin transferred in data systems. Within a short time the customer about his voucher can look forward. With actions such as the winter promotion of MICHELIN OnWay MICHELIN and PRODATA show in the fifth year of your extensive cooperation in the Area of dialog marketing works again, how efficient and successful customer loyalty. * Purchase of at least 2 tires for passenger cars and LeichtLKW – offroad vehicles of less than 3.5 t (original equipment tires, vintage and tyres and tyre for camping cars and trailers are excluded) press contact: PRODATA GmbH Kerstin Gardner team leader marketing E-Mail: Tel: 0721-98 171-650 about PRODATA: for more than 18 years, PRODATA as project agency and service provider for marketing, sales and E-Commerce support its demanding customers. The range of services includes consulting, development, or the outsourcing of CRM and direct marketing processes the collection, maintenance, processing and enrichment of customer data. This includes among other things the organisation of customer clubs and loyalty programs or the establishment of Internet portals and client binding systems. via MICHELIN for more than 100 years determined Michelin the market essential for tires, tire products and guide. The program includes only 3,300 types of tyre and around 36.200 individual products from the smallest single tyres up to the 6-ton special tires. Products used Michelin in almost every conceivable driving and aircraft, by the road on the motorcycle, cars and trucks, the tractor over the Airbus up to the space shuttle. 68 production sites in 18 countries and sales organizations in over 170 countries ensure the rapid and efficient distribution of Michelin products.