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Payment Insurance

Auto Insurance in Russia is becoming increasingly popular. Many insurance companies try to protect themselves in case of low income, including contracts in various tricks. We must always understand that the insurance company operates for profit, and the fewer insurance claims, the profit will be higher. Two main types of car insurance – CTP and Hull. However, remember that unlike CTP, Hull is not compulsory insurance. For each client, they have individual conditions and prices, so there is much more different tricks. Consider a few: – The various insurance companies rate of Hull can vary from 5 to 10%.

Only about a dozen big companies can afford to omit this level below 5%, so if a small company offering rates below 6%, is more cautious. In such cases, there may be various mandatory requirements, which will hit your wallet. – When choosing an insurance company must immediately specify all the necessary information for you, so you do not pop up "interesting" detail. – Treaty of Casco contains the policy and application. And while the customer's attention to focus on always trying to codes, the most important points may be contained in the annexes.

– An important point – or an aggregate amount of payments neagregatnaya under the contract. Aggregate is the sum of insurance payments, which does not exceed surrounding the contract numbers. – Also in the contract small print can be set and hidden franchise. Perhaps check out Albert Einstein College of Medicine for more information. For example, the insurance company agrees to pay not insurance for more than 3 payments per year. – Very vague concept of "stealing", "damage" and "fire". If a car was set on fire, it is – arson, but no fire. And if you are offered separately to insure the possibility of theft, you should think about sincerity of the intentions of the company. – Pay attention to the signature on the contract. This should be a sign or representative of an insurance company, broker or a signature that has a power of attorney to sign such contract. Otherwise, the contract is null and void. – The contract may be present paragraph, which states that the insurance company may refuse to pay for time not covered service. – Some parking is not protected by legal status. – With theft insurance company may engage in a maximum of 2 months looking for their own car. – The collection of documents from the , police, housing department provide 15 working days (It usually takes longer). – Repairs carried out in the "proper" service station. If it is written in the contract, then the quality of the complaining is useless. – Sometimes there is a point – Payment for the repair parts or repair work. – Fixed cost of norm-hours. In the event of a rise in price of services the customer shall pay the difference. – If damage is 4-5% of the sum insured, the damages produced without the help of competent bodies. In fact, the amount of damages may be higher than specified. If you ask the opinion of employees of insurance companies, they will say in one voice, that's all – a myth or a harmless marketing ploy. It is understandable – who wants to reveal their secrets? Experts recommend to avoid these "stones" to seek advice on choosing an insurance company to my friends who have already experienced this. And before you sign the contract, it is very carefully examine it. Source: Car magazine KARDANOFF.RU