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Unlimited Print – Get Yourself But Your Customers Where You Want

For the online trade and shipping – the year 2009 was a record year. Of crisis no trace. Overall sales rose by at least 1.7% to 29.1 billion. Interestingly, 53.3% of industry sales over the Web came about. Reason enough for the printing industry, extensively to focus on e-commerce and to make.

The pressure and trading with print media, should become now at least at national level for every printing for granted. Dwindling sales and income have no choice often also some a printing house. Online printing companies have done it again with demonstrable successes. So printed, shipped in this market segment across the Republic and beyond for almost a decade. What once almost always was, namely that print shop and customer personally knew each other, becomes the exception.

And rising. How does a one but as printing on these changes? There are reasons for the change. Last but not least the “process standard offset “but also an improved”Proofing”can be the”risk”for creatives are increasingly reduced. Long since no longer each sheet must be personally on the machine “tuned” and released the pressure. An effort (past) is today not necessarily needed for each publication. Thus, the printing house in Hamburg has a good chance to win the customers in Munich. Self plugged limits, in the form of a “delivery RADIUS” of E.g. 50 km around the own printing press, are so argumentative hardly still to represent in the year 2010 and needlessly constricting the own customer potential. The objection of the increased transport costs, is not to keep in view of the prevailing market price ranges, only the order volume is correspondingly large. The print buyer should be once again the benchmark for all decisions but also on this subject. Ultimately he is granted the print job well or not. It’s worth so once again it sure whether and how to change clients. Since, as the above figures show, the Market for printed matter as well in shipping and online trade is of increasing importance, must take into account any future-oriented printers this fact, she will have also a future. The feared and probably also to the part real anonymization in the business with the pressure, will apply but despite of all standards and the abolition of borders, only for a subset of all printed material. Today and in the future, there will be pressure objects where expertise, advice and “High Quality” are needed, so much more than just “print and deliver”. In principle but concerns on the issue of the print buyer. Very different and very comprehensive in search of”printing” available ways which today, thanks to the Internet. Reason enough for every printing, also to give town and country limits for sales and marketing. Klaus Wenderoth

By Oliver Dziemba

The youth culture influenced the culture of adults”! Trend and youth researchers say that we live in a society that is no longer growing in the classical sense. “” “” “Youth research, such as for example tfactory, talking even about an infantilization of society”: considering that the youth phase starts earlier and earlier and ends later, there are more and more people in our society, which more influenced by youth cultural styles are. “* also later in life, there are phases, which are not as adult or senior age, but as post adolescence”, rush hour “, second awakening” and UN retirement “referred to be * With similar attributes, you would have previously characterized adolescence. Against this background the demand for products and services that come from the youth culture or teen appear. “At best this becomes visible in the fashion: hardly a grandmother wants to dress up like her grandmother and many a mother buys in the same business as the daughter”, Ruhsam stressed. Also in the field of the automotive and consumer electronics industries play”products, which go down well with the youth an important role also in the adult world.

Sports car or Smartphone, consumers in different age groups are on products today, which convey the feeling to be part of a young generation. * Young people as a carrier of the value change. By Bernd Heinzlmaier. Lecture in the context of the 13 Shopping Center symposium by RegioPlan consulting, 12 May 2011 * lifestyles by 2020. A typology for society, consumption and marketing. By Oliver Dziemba, Benny Bock, Andreas Steinle, May 2007, Zukunftsinstitut RegioData Research collects and calculates as the market leader for over 20 years annually data on purchasing power in Austria and other European countries.

The information based on data from the purchasing power kennziffern RegioData expenditure 2008-2012. The RegioData Research GmbH. based in Vienna is a specialist in regional economic data in Europe. We supply trade, real estate and financing decision. Up-to-date, clear and secure! RegioData Research collects and calculated as market leader since 20 years data on purchasing power in Austria and other European countries. RegioData Research GmbH Theobaldgasse 8 / 14, A-1060 Vienna * Landshut Allee 8-10, D-80637 Munich, Germany

Better Managers

Hakeem autumn program 2011: What a company in the gardens of the management has with a vegetable garden together? At first glance little. But proving the second: only with care, maintenance and sustainability of soil remains also years fruitful, the company over the years healthy and profitable. “Author Matthias Nollke shows in the gardens of the management”, what Manager by gardeners can learn and how important is sustainable growth. An original and intelligent management concept, which will transfer the wisdom of nature to the business. As soon as Hakeem.

Who ever tried to move an Apple tree with intimidation to the faster growth will be failed miserably. As well as the Manager, the performance pressure, anxiety and sanctions will bring forth. For: Healthy growth takes time. And: the individual plants need room for individual development, they need attention and mindfulness. A good gardener while pretending the framework intervenes, when necessary, and excels in all by calmness, tenacity and to agility of. Green management Biomimetics: plant learn from so what needs it, overlooking the vegetable garden, so that a company sustainably grow and flourish? First, a moderate approach to human resources.

Second, long-term perspectives. And thirdly: a balanced age structure. To illustrate of his thesis Matthias Nollke takes the reader on trips to the garden, the forest garden, the botanical garden or the guerilla garden. Has to do it shows with what types of garden GNOME”it in day-to-day business. For example, with the meticulous order dwarf, the dwarf of the machine or the watering can dwarf. And he explains why character plants, though are sometimes care intense and worthy of protection. “Entertaining, intelligent and without raised index finger: in the gardens of management” are actionable suggestions for each company. From mid-September to 19.80 euros at Haufe and in bookstores. -Carla Jung)