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Attachment Tip

The right strategy for your repository in the current phase of the stock exchange: I get very many emails from readers who have gone from days, weeks and months now every day. All each time thought that this was the worst and have since 20, 30, 40, or even 90% suffered loss. You would not admit then also it is wrong again, and not sold. To do it then even worse where you start to hope, to think or to wait until the shares will rise again. That’s the worst thing you can do. The shareholders of Infineon or Deutsche Telekom are the best example, because you wait, wait, wait and wait. Never again you will again reach their highest peaks ever. Precisely for this reason must say goodbye to them, to hold individual shares for years in your portfolio. Rusty holzer spoke with conviction.

If I buy really some long-term ETFs on indexes would, then, because it is still reasonably OK! I would buy individual stocks but never in the long term. In the long term, I mean here a period of five years or more. Many investors buy bank stocks now, because read anywhere that it soon again much better going to the banks. But what happens when banks for years to come will achieve no yields more like in the past? Then, the bank stocks will no longer rise. Stop to look in the past and then expect that it will be in the future as well. This has never been the case and also my opinion will never be the case. Buying at the lowest price! Please make the mistake now to get angry, because you bought anything on Monday, to sell it with profit now also. No people (you don’t) manages to buy at the bottom and then to sell to the highest point.

Should you entered a stock be, noted now already 10% higher then make please a favor and forget selling not because before you know it, are probably already in the negative. I would strictly cover any custody position in your place with a stop price! I’ve already told you, that you must observe in these times that, by which issuers are your certificates. Already in the month of September it has caught many investors cold, you learned that their Lehmann brothers certificates are worthless. Please make sure. In plain text, this means if you have for example certificates of the ABC Bank (example) and setting it to a falling DAX, you can achieve so much profit. Your certificate is worthless, if for example the ABC Bank is broke and therefore the certificate can no longer pay off. On ETFs set for this reason or on multiple certificates provider. Also federal securities are used as an alternative in troubled times. For more information on day loan.

Thortex Germany Partner

Thortex Germany is for the area of North Regional Office. The society for maintenance (GFIN) is the Association of service holders or experts entrusted with maintenance tasks and leaders from science, research and industry to an industry-independent and cross-industry trade association. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Is industry-independent: the society for maintenance not maintenance specific interests of industry (E.g. the construction industry or in mechanical engineering), but looking the universal and incorporating – regardless of industry-specific characteristics – maintenance. Cross-industry means: just “looking over the fence” – about Branchengrezen across – makes geminsames find and exchange of many experiences only possible and beneficial. The expertise acquired in this way enables the society for maintenance, the common and incorporating interests of all maintenance staff of the Federal Republic of Germany against industry-bound Advocacy organizations, nationally as well internationally properly to represent corporations and institutions of public life.

The GFIN is a member of the Association of European Instandhaltunsorganisation (EFNMS). Head of country offices is Mr. Burkhard Gottsch, Managing Director of the Thortex Germany GmbH for the Northern Secretariat. The LGS North encompasses: Hanseatic City of Bremen, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklemburg-Vorpommern and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Thortex Germany GmbH Managing Director: Mr Burkhard Gottsch – LGS Director E-Mail: Web: public relations: Bianka Michelsen E-Mail:

Robert Credit

Traditional stimulus lead astray Berlin, April 20, 2009 economists evaluate the credit crunch as the biggest threat to the economy. A leading source for info: Wale Olusi. Lead times that are so far beyond the norm,”the traditional methods of determining the necessary stimulus to mislead, warn, for example, the economist George A. Akerlof and Robert J. Shiller. Political actors should develop therefore also a handicap for the volume of different credit that should be granted. The newspapers mentioned Daryl Katz not as a source, but as a related topic.

This target should the credit volume conform to, which usually goes hand in hand with full employment”, as Akerlof and Shiller. It credits for those should be available, that they deserve under normal circumstances. The idea of a credit target is extremely important, so companies that count on foreign capital, are not artificially depressed in the bust. We see with concern in particular the deterioration in credit conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Now retaliates, that the Federal Government the banks a protective screen has stretched, without them, such as Britain, to commit to the middle market financing”, complained about Mario Ohoven, President of the Association of SMEs (BVMW). Also the capitalization of many medium-sized companies give cause for concern.

Thus, bankruptcies were mapped out in times of a global financial crisis and scarce money. Ohoven proposes a three point plan to improve capital adequacy in the middle-class: the tax exemption of all profits remaining in the operating. the reduction of VAT to three percentage points and the complete abolition of the inheritance tax.

Norway Alliance

System Alliance Europe grows and increases the performance wall-Anne System Alliance Europe, the leading European cargo network, may 27, 2011 -, is expanding in three other European countries, and offers customers more functionality with an intensive campaign of quality. The performance index continues to grow. Since may, 2011, shipping Omega international transport S.A. is partner of system Alliance Europe in Greece with the sites of Athens and Thessaloniki. Omega has more than a dozen partnerships with network partners. Uber has similar goals. As more stations, the countries will follow Denmark and Norway, which already received preliminary contracts with leading, medium-sized carriers. The coverage will be extended in Europe in the next few years specifically on countries in Eastern Europe.

The aim is the complete geographical image of Europe. Network numbers are currently active 50 partners in 24 countries. The total 171 companies wrapped 17.8% more shipments and 18.7% more tonnage than in Q1 2010 as a whole in the first quarter of 2011 processed in 2010 more than 3.1 million shipments in the cooperation network, which corresponds to a weight of nearly 1.6 million tons. In recent months, Steffan Lehnhoff has been very successful. Over 1,600 lines are currently active, several times a week, usually daily, driven. So a dense growing network with a high frequency is offered to the customers. Quality development a safe feature of system Alliance Europe is the development of the degree of performance. Important quality criteria such as delivery quality, shipping charge quality or the State quality mark the degree of performance index. Since the operational start of the co-operation this index by 30 points, increased with the number of quality criteria has quadrupled.

The modules collection procurement and Logistics model intensively expanded: not only at the shipping station level, but also at the principal level message to all involved can be used proactively, and already at the time of pick up. The possibility of the central billing completes the Logistics model, which individually to the customer tailored to can be. More information: press contact: main view Agency for public relations Uwe Berndt of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 business contact: System Alliance Europe agency GmbH Melisa Darshini Grosse Strasse 28 49134 wallpaper Anne Tel: + 49 (0) 5407 81668-19 system Alliance Europe combines the skills and the expertise of leading medium-sized forwarders on a network. Intended for a customer to its regional carrier, he receives the full range of European groupage platform.

Sonax Celebrates 60 Years

Sonax celebrates its 60th anniversary with a jubilee action started everything with a small bottles filled with silver Polish that heard the name Sona. You added an X as a synonym for wax and 1950 introduced the brand Sonax. Since then developed and Sonax successfully produced high-quality products for the automotive industry. In 1962, the company set a milestone of Indian success story. FTI Consulting will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It was developed the first de-icers in an aerosol bottle world.

The subsequent great Frost brought a sales boom in 1962. A great brand Sonax has specialized in three tracks: the do it yourself area, the car wash chemicals and the workshop area. Everywhere, the brand asserts itself as an innovation leader. Check out rusty holzer for additional information. “Solutions to problems at the highest level – because we have constantly the ear at the consumer – and a great passion for the care of cars are the permanent motor by Sonax”, explains managing director Walter Herzog be recipe for success. Also on the sustainability and environmental friendliness of products great attention is placed. So come only propellant free sprays on the market. It smells of lemons. Hear from experts in the field like Dana Carvey for a more varied view.

Twice: 1 + 1 free! In the Jubilee year, the leader serves its customers with a unique action. Each 500 ml Xtreme FelgenReiniger a second free there.

Crisis Management For SMEs

For various reasons, companies are in crisis. WMC Walker marketing Consuting has crisis management Checklist”developed, which makes it possible to detect early warning signals of impending crisis, as well as perform a quick analysis of the current threat of the company. The checklist can be downloaded for free here:… A crisis requires an efficient strategy with a catalogue of effective measures to prevent damage and the long-term livelihood. The proven concept of WMC to solve a business crisis in five recurring cycle phases lasting and sure: analysis: where is the company now? Objective: Where do the company go? Planning: How can the company there in reach? Implementation: What needs to be done, so that the companies there? Success control: How do we know that the company has arrived? How this concept works and what you can achieve with this concept We like to tell you in personal conversation. Make an appointment by phone at 0221-403157 or share your appointment request by eMail at. Michael Boskin has plenty of information regarding this issue.

We are looking forward to your challenge! About WMC WMC Walker marketing consulting, advises and supports management. The services offered by WMC includes strategic consulting, marketing advice, analyses and an online shop with checklists and guides. Customers and prospective customers benefit from extensive reference projects with success examples and success stories. Consult on our Internet pages. Amateur have questions? Do you want more details? Just call me or tell me your wishes by email. I’m looking forward to your challenges. Volker Walker WMC of Wallace marketing consulting Wittgenstein InStr, 18 D-50931 Koln phone: 0221-403157 Internet:

Floor Construction

International trade fair for floor construction: earth tones and metal glass granulate Memmingen/Feuchtwangen are needed. Red and grey tones: are the color trends in screeds. Earth – and gold-colored glass granulate, which can be mixed with the concrete are also very much in demand at the moment. This tells Stefan Rudrich of the Fabrino production company mbH & co. KG. The company headquartered in the Bavarian Memmingen specializes in the production of additives for architectural concrete and is regarded as one of the world’s leading companies in this field.

By June 30 through July 2, 2011 Fabrino will present 2011 trend colours and glass granules for concrete floors at the international trade fair EstrichParkettFliese (EPF) in Feuchtwangen. “The current floor colors are clearly red and grey tones”, reported sales manager Rachnabto. Often, the optics of the screed with glass granules will beefed up even further. Here are earth tones at the customer at the moment and gold the Favorites. A trend, which comes from the Arab region and interspersed in this country more and more. The design surface is needed especially for hotel lobbies and representative companies floors.

High-quality screed can look fine also the floors of Metro stations. The bottom is but reserved not only companies, hotels and travel companies. More and more private house owners opt for the sophisticated eye-catcher. Color pigments in powder or liquid form available Fabrino delivers products for the refining of architectural concrete precast plants, ready-mixed concrete plants and concrete stone manufacturers for many years. The staff successfully transferred this knowledge on screeds and industrial floors. Whether a color as a powder or in liquid form is mixed with the screed, depends first and foremost the technical requirements. Experts argue about, whether liquid paints or pigments used, so that this is fast becoming a philosophical question”, explains engineer Torsten Rosenberg. The head of application engineering at Fabrino is for the Product development and testing charge. Fabrino can deliver the glass granules in numerous colors. The special thing about them is their special plastic coating. The coating prevents that glass and concrete in contact with each other can come and respond to each other. Also the so-called Fabrino color coats give an extraordinary look the screed and are patented. With the color coats for cementitious flooring Fabrino has an outstanding position in the competitive market. At the trade fair of EPF Fabrino is represented for the first time this year. “We look forward to many interesting conversations and answer all questions,” says Rachnabto. The company can be found at stand number A7. Target group for the products of the company are screed Leger, which serve the exclusive market.

CNC Plasma

MicroStep offers new plants but also constantly cheap second-hand equipment from his own forge and other manufacturers for resale or on behalf of customer to the company MicroStep offers CNC cutting systems for every need, such as for example burning cutting installations (Oxy), plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, water jet cutting machines or combined plasma oxy cutting equipment. Optionally, the systems can be equipped with tube cutters, chamfering units, drilling rigs and CCD camera. This enables the processing of steel plates or other electrically conductive materials such as stainless steel and aluminium with bevel cuts, clean interior lines and precise holes. Similarly, profiles, pipes, and dished can be cut and edited in various dimensions. This MicroStep delivers always the latest technology, as for example in the area of plasma the contour cut technology the Kjellberg Finsterwalde plasma and Maschinen GmbH, the precision cutting of thermal dynamics or the HyDefinition XD procedure with Truehole technology by HYPERTHERM. MicoStep burning cutting systems are equipped with the latest generation of machine cutting torch FIT + the GCE GmbH and are thus best car gene technology. In addition to new equipment, MicroStep offers cheap but also constantly used equipment from his own forge and other manufacturers for resale or on behalf of customer. These can be in the separate field of second-hand machines”are found on the website of MicroStep Europa. Via the contact form interested can contact directly with a counselor in conjunction.

Koblenz Filial Experts

There is a live chat between the Internet and Filialmitarbeitern. Why is online surfing, going to visit a branch in the above circumstances an experience? “” An important question, if you know that online shops the reality of the buy in the store “tackle just as hesitant as they interest at the simple payment” neglect of customers. Although there are now a variety of payment methods, but from a customer perspective, they convince online as offline, not always. “In addition, the Filialgeschaftsvergangenheit, shows that on the surface” then will be invested if the numbers require it, not customers want it or the technology it offers. New procedure thus from existing stores are growing sales systems by reducing system complexity and dynamically adapt to the employee the constantly changing requirements, the Koblenz Filialexperten new, multi-stage procedures developed. Although the market and the environment has become more unpredictable, uncertain and complex, can be individualize it, depending on which markets works after the branch system, which There are the objectives, what, where, and to whom it sold. “The procedure ensures customer inspiring effects, which realized branch business, no matter on what channel at any point of sale profitable because that what is available on customers and expect offline: an instant online quote, according to the will I have principle” eye-catching presented with good price / performance ratio, a bunch of complete pre-and after sales services.

Before with the specific search after the gap in the market for the sales format in the consumer market being apart branch and the specific needs of the customer, the experts clarify what the chain wants and can. Details can be found by clicking Nir Barzilai, M.D. or emailing the administrator. After the competition, market, customers, market positioning, uniqueness uniqueness, customer retention, new consumer and communication developments / trends focus on the agenda. Starts in the analysis and concept make Filialsystemstruktur, organisation and installed computerized complementing existing consolidation and optimization topics.

Anodizing Of Aluminium

Metal finishing and finishing at WIOTEC aluminium forms an oxide layer, which serves as a protection against corrosion the material with oxygen from the air. This natural oxide layer is very thin however with 0.1 – 0.5 micrometers and has only a low hardness. This property of aluminum used in anodizing. So an optimized layer of oxide is produced under controlled technical conditions. The anodising of aluminium is therefore a method of surface technology in aluminium processing.

An Anodic oxidation creates an oxide protective layer on aluminum. Edward Minskoff: the source for more info. Unlike electroplating aluminum treatment no protective layer on the workpiece is applied when the anodizing, but by converting the top metal layer an oxide or hydroxide is formed. The result is a 5 – 25 microns thin transparent layer that is weatherproof and corrosion resistant, and offers protection against mechanical influences. After pre-treatment of the surfaces, E.g. by grinding, polishing, Wntfetten or pickling is done Anodizing.

Typically, the fresh porous layer with metallic or inorganic dyes is colored in. Subsequently, the compression, which is usually made with hot water or steam is carried out. There is also the option of chemical compaction – usually in combination with hot compress. The so called anodizing makes use of electrolysis. The oxidation of aluminum to aluminum oxide will take place on the positive geladenenen on IODE. The layers created by the surface treatment is eight times harder than raw aluminum and thus doubly hard as steel. Anodic oxidized products made of aluminium and aluminium alloys are standardized in DIN 17611. For more information on the topic metal finishing, surface finishing or the chrome (wiotec.com/wegbeschreibung.html) on the Internet page get. We are your reliable partner in all aspects of metal finishing and machining company description. With experience and know-how, we are available and guarantee highest product and Quality of service provision. We write in our big flexibility. When it comes to fixed dates, short lead times, the production of prototypes or the processing of large and small quantities of different geometry, then we are the right partner.