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Moscow Association

Now the Russians have already served nearly 30,000 mobile cafe. Some experts predict this market fivefold increase in the coming years. Business, this is very interesting – and our publication will tell you as they do. Core business – the trailer in the early 90's in Russian cities quietly disappeared many once pancakes, dumplings and snacks. But just then there was a new niche market for a cafe on wheels remained until the 1998 crisis, almost unoccupied.

In Moscow in 1994, came to the firm 'Marcon – City', which owns a network of fast-food Steff, who sold the inhabitants of the capital branded hot dog – before the crisis, it has virtually no competitors. Steff and to this day remains the largest Russian network, it is composed of 115 mobile cafe. According to Eugene Kobzar, head of the Moscow Association of fast food is an example of this network-pervootkryvatelnitsy learned followers, whose numbers are increasing. Incidentally, this year known network '' overtaken Steff on turnover. Basis of any mobile cafe – trailer, equipped with the necessary apparatus for cooking. For example, vans, Steff brought in from abroad, costs her 25 thousand dollars.

Since then the price dropped considerably: a complete analogue of the trailer is now on the Russian market worth 9,000 dollars. In Russia there are Several leading firms that supply such products. First, is the legendary nut- company 'Tonar', which for 10 years produces different models of trailers. Legendary it because 'Tonar' often called general any trailers used for trade, not knowing that it's proper name.

The Ratio

That the person did not run it should normally take to work, give him a normal working environment, motivate, and he will not run from you. How can you do this, complete experience and global and domestic. Believe me, if you improve the quality of jobs, confidence and stability in the future, to build up a system of employee motivation, then everything will be fine. Laura Tyson spoke with conviction. Our people – it innovator, created for him a good working condition and give him the opportunity to express their ideas and suggestions, then they'll move mountains. Yes, this approach will require a certain costs, and the founders will less profit, but all those unpleasant moments only in the mode of formation, further investment in human capital will bring you only the profit. Well trained employees – what now needs to our clients, client wants to be catered to more skillfully. And if you eventually have to enter the world market, for the normal work you will need to meet at iso 9000. When hiring enough will sign a nondisclosure agreement, which clearly spelled out all of the points related to the ratio of job information, and all you can trust him trade secrets.

Next is the organizational capital. What intellectual Resources included in the organizational capital. Trademark, trademark registration does not take much time and money. After registering a trademark you get recognition. The client sees that you have trademark, is evidence of state registration, to whom he turns to new employment or organization with a trademark, right into an organization with a trademark.