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Human Rights Violations In Germany Against Scientologists

Recurring criticisms of the US State Department are the aliens and Muslim hostility to the refusal of the German Government, to acknowledge Scientology as a religion are main points of criticism in Germany and the never-ending never-ending discrimination against Scientologists. To observe is that it is fueled by State authorities with a concomitant social exclusion of deliberate. In countries with “traditional high respect for human rights” cases were registered in the last year increasingly disadvantages “vulnerable minorities”, the experts write. Get more background information with materials from Cory Wosnack. In particular, supporters of Scientology are affected by religious discrimination in Germany. Recurring criticisms of the US State Department are the German Government’s refusal to acknowledge Scientology as a religion (Note: despite the over 50 German court decisions that expressly confirm the religious ideological character of Scientology). If you would like to know more then you should visit Sire Design.

The use of so-called sect filter”to the systematic exclusion of Scientology members or other discriminatory measures by Government, such as E.g. warnings against Scientologists on a pillar (which had to be removed through court attack), are more than obvious violations of human rights. A further point of criticism of the US State Department in its report is the supposed enlightenment about Scientology in schools, particularly in Hamburg. A further impetus brought the expulsion of two American Scientology members by the Berlin immigration authorities due to their religious affiliation, along with the accompanying, defamatory and completely arbitrary grounds for concern. Since 1993, the Government published a new human rights report every year. The State Department investigated the situation of human rights in 194 countries.

These human rights violations are taken together every year and published in a report. You might believe that this report on the German officials against religious minorities like E.g. Scientology discrimination practice improvement would usher. Which is not so. Using sect filters”, the use of which has been legally prohibited since 2005, has now declined. However occurred since the public release of a hacker group called anonymous”on increasing physical attacks, acts of vandalism, murder and bomb threats against Scientologists. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V.