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March Recovery

In a world fraught with risks of potential new episodes of crisis, that optimism is in short supply. That is why the latest data released on the performance of the manufacturing sector in several major economies in the world, has allowed us to take time for hope and dream that the economic recovery is taking a higher power to which initially estimated. Is it accelerates out of the crisis? How will impact the price of commodities? And what about the resurgence of inflationary pressures? The international agency Fitch risk assessment has also been allowed to be more optimistic in a recently released report concluding that global economic recovery is "gaining momentum." This optimism is reflected in the boost they have just completed the ratings in its growth forecast for major economies in 2010, bringing the forecast to 2.8%, significantly poorer than it had forecast 1.9% last December in its previous report. The recovery of manufacturing in the U.S. and Japan which has been observed and expected, are at the forefront of the arguments of the optimists. But the recovery in manufacturing is not limited to the U.S. and Japan, but also extends to other regions and countries worldwide. In the U.S., an indicator of relevance to anticipate the outlook for manufacturing is the ISM index of purchasing managers in the months to March rose to 59.6 points from 56.5 the previous month. This level reached by the index is the highest since July 2004, which is not a minor detail.