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Prepare Drinks

Vodka is probably white drink more popular worldwide. Mainly in Scandinavia, such as Sweden, Finland and Ukraine. By something in these countries they work the brands most recognized by the specialists, who are Absolut, Finland and Petroff, respectvamente. In terms of its Constitution, vodka has a negligible amount of seasoning, and the rest is water and ethanol. The process whereby its production, is carried out a fermentation of grains and other starch-rich plants. Today, taken a number of very varied drinks made with vodka, above all those girls with their modern hairstyles. In these two articles are going to see how some of them are prepared: how to prepare Blue Lagoon: list of ingredients: 80 cc Vodka 25 cc Blue Curacao 25 cc Triple Sec 50 cc pineapple juice mix all ingredients (except the pineapple juice) in a cocktail shaker with crushed ice.

Beat and serve (including ice) in a tall glass, and fill the glass with pineapple juice. How to prepare dawn Muscovite: List of ingredients: 2 measures of Vodka 1/3 measure of mint white red Curacao measure pour the Curacao in a cocktail glass. Add ice. Pour the Mint and Vodka. Garnish with a cherry and Mint sprigs. How to prepare Russian coffee: list of ingredients: 50 cc Vodka 1 cup coffee black hot sugar granulated cream Chantilly prepare coffee and add sugar to taste, the girls with hairstyles collected please. Put the Vodka in a cup for coffee (or glass cup) and slowly add the coffee until the middle of the Cup. Stir gently and lay over the Chantilly cream drink. Well, those were the first three drinks that I teach them, the next I’m going to show 4 more, so attentive. Bless you!