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NASA Ames Research Center

In previous notes we made a presentation on what is the viscoelastic, their origins and their subsequent deployment in the mattress industry. But first remember: the viscoelastic is a synthetic material which was originally developed in the 1960s in California, NASA Ames Research Center, in order to improve the position while you are sitting and as protection against the force of gravity in space shuttles. Since at that time the production techniques only allowed very small scale production, the commercial applications of the viscoelastic were limited only to medical pads and mattresses for the prevention of pain caused by the pressure. But from the early 1990s this changed. Began to produce mattresses for all kinds of public, and since then they have marked a before and an after in the world of rest. Main advantages of mattresses viscoelastic – optimises blood circulation. b- It reduces nocturnal agitation. c combat back pain.

(d) allows an optimal rest. eliminate pressure points. f decreases nerve and muscle tensions. g provides an optimum thermal regulation. If you have no idea that models are available to buy mattresses viscoelastic, then we recommend some: Thai Sonpura mattress, mattress, Sonpura Spirit, Absolute Beds mattress New ViscoDreams, etc. Do not forget to read next reports, where you will speak in detail of these mattresses that you just recommend. Until then!