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For Marchesi

How to diminish this dependence and to increase its autonomy? For Marchesi (2006), it is necessary to remember that the autonomy of the schools is not an objective in itself exactly, but a way to obtain other purposes of bigger importance: to improve the quality and the equity in the education. Consideraes final The autonomy is something that the citizen develops, constructs. It is an enterprise of the person whom it looks resulted, orientation for its action. An independent individual freely acts in accordance with a proper plan, that is, on the constructed conceptions of conscientious form throughout the years of its life. We are not independent only in function of the years that we pass in the school of formation or the conviviality with our pupils, but for our persistence in conquering it while constituent element of our identity as educators.

For a different school she is necessary that the professor thinks and acts different. More an independent action without an autonomy of the will of the duty will not be possible, that is, of the actions human beings to be accomplished for an imperative of the citizen. Without hesitation Ashton Kouzbari explained all about the problem. The necessary school to construct its proposal in such a way educative that if it institutes in a space of respect to the autonomy, the freedom and the enrollment to the other. It needs to organize itself so that the ones that in it coexist can learn, exert and reverse speed-learn the freedom of being and to act. It fits, therefore to the educator, to become first independent, I resell pedagogical practical its, so that it can assist in the construction of the autonomy of its proper pupils. The autonomy of the school also involves the formation of the autonomy of its students. this autonomy passes, necessarily, for the chance to argue the relations in the interior of the pertaining to school institution and the way as the pedagogical one happens practical.

Physical Education

In such a way, when the child plays, it develops itself of form integrated in the cognitivos, affective aspects, social physicist-engines, moral, linguistic and. This process of development if of the one from the construction that the child makes in its interaction with the social environment and. The child goes knowing the world from its action on it. Fabrizio Freda: the source for more info. In this subject interaction object (or half), the child goes assimilating definitive information, according to its period of training of development (FRIEDMANN, 2003:72). Consonant with this thought Moyles (2002: 36), say that playing ' ' aberto' ' , that one that we could call the true one to play, presents a sphere of possibilities for the child, satisfying its necessities of clearer learning and becoming its explicit learning. In accordance with Lee (1977: 340, cited for MOYLES, 2002:374): Playing is the main activity of the child in the life; through playing it learns the abilities to survive and discovers some standard in the confused world where she was born.

This thought this in accordance with Oliveira (2008), ' ' playing is main the half one of learning of criana' ' , where this gradually develops concepts of causal relationships, the power to discriminate, to make judgments, to analyze and to synthecize, to imagine and to formulate. Then, playing is of basic importance of the development of the child, who through the playful one, creates learning mechanisms that they will provide its integral development. In agreement Barreto (2000, cited per HUNTER, 2007) the psicomotor development is important in the prevention of learning problems and that psicomotricidade in the lessons of Physical Education can assist in the pertaining to school learning, contributing for a cultural phenomenon that consists of exerted psicomotoras actions on the human being in way to favor behaviors and transformations. The Pertaining to school Physical Education in the current days comes being thought as integral educative action of the human being, as well as the psicomotricidade that the individual relates as a complete and only being capable to think and to act, leaving of side the characteristics of dualidade of body and mind, and yes as a being capable to combine itself with proper itself and the way (HUNTER, 2007).

Franco Emilio Ayala

Erroneous knowledge will take you to take inappropriate actions, not to take action and the most serious of all is that the majority of human beings frequently takes, and it is the decision of do not take action. If you don’t work there is nothing!. Everyone believes that the skills are things with which you were born. Perhaps truth in terms of artistic skills or aspects of genetic nature, but all the skills for success in life and to develop a business of multidesarrollo, is nothing more than the action repeated over and over again. They are skills that can be developed only by repeating time after time, after time, after time, after time… Repetition is the mother of skill. Learn more about this with Gregory Williamson.

That becomes like second nature with constancy, thats what takes you to the success or failure if you do it wrongly. Others who may share this opinion include Edward J. Minskoff Equities. If you follow this cycle correctly is spectacular which is obtained in a short time. In life never receive what you want, only receive that which you have certainty of receiving it, i.e. an expectation made reality. This expectation made reality is the result of a belief more knowledge, more action.

The multidesarrollo is simple, but human beings when we have something simple we do so complex. Only be need to keep a positive attitude I am doing, I am able I do it, I can get knowledge, put it in action, I development skills. Don’t forget that you must first believe in order to make you creative, develop your business successfully and be successful.

Spiritual Intelligence

Spirituality is living, religion is belief, God is a journey, an orientation of bliss, peace and universal love. Then the new paradigm for development of education is holistic education, where the evolution of consciousness and society are interdependent whole that are linked to those above, to achieve transformation in the world. Spiritual intelligence is the superior intelligence of humans, is the power with which to successfully face the problems of meaning and sense of our lives, overcome suffering, is to address the conflict and the dilemmas and give them a integrated response. Spiritual intelligence is the oldest and at the same time the most current, and in it includes but also transcends the conventional theory of multiple intelligences, which represents a very important step in comprehensive understanding of human intelligence, but from a holistic vision, multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence out of a holistic context are incomplete because they postulate out of spiritual values and a global context of human experience. The three buildings of intelligence can understand them as follows: IQ, multiple intelligence and spiritual understanding, in terms of modernity, postmodernity and transmodernity. CONCLUSIONS With the lessons learned from Dr.

Ramon Gallegos Nava, I feel the responsibility to implement the new educational model, since we are moving from darkness to light, and it is here where you can make the great change that is required in education, hoping soon to flourish this proposal education, which will be implemented in schools in the country, aims to train human beings, happy, compassionate and with peace of mind, thus we commit ourselves to live happy and interact responsibly with our neighbors, the environment and our planet. This educational proposal is applicable in all educational levels in all human beings with a conscience, for internal changes, is applied gradually, through simple activities to develop awareness in the educator first and then in children after their peers, community, country, continent and planet. Holistic education is the tool we use to get out of the current problems worldwide, is the only one that integrates the databases to find the answer to the emptiness inside of human beings. The work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava is partly visible, but within it contains the magic of the spirit, the essence that purifies us and gives order to our being, is the tool that gives us the ability to achieve a different vision of life that motivates us instituting a new holistic paradigm educcion, conceiving the habit of meditation to discern what is true or false, and thus understand the reality with equanimity and to evolve our consciousness.

The Student

– Joint telecommunications projects, as well as international, electronic conferences, computer audio and video conferences. How effective will be any kind of distance learning depends on four factors: – the effective interaction of teacher and student, despite the fact that they are separated by a distance – used in this pedagogical technologies – the effectiveness of the developed teaching materials and methods for their delivery – the efficiency of feedback. In other words, the effectiveness of distance learning depends on the organization and methodological quality materials used, as well as the skill of teachers involved in this process. In addition, the allocated number of characteristics that should be inherent in any kind of distance learning, so it can be considered as effective: distance learning involves a more thorough and detailed planning of the student, her organization, a clear statement of objectives and learning objectives; delivery of necessary training materials; key concept of the educational programs of distance learning – interactivity. Distance learning courses must provide the maximum possible interactivity between student and teacher feedback relationship between learner and learning materials, but also enable group learning, it is important to provide high-performance feedback to students could be confident in the correctness of their actions. Feedback should be prompt, process operations, and deferred in the form of external evaluation, an essential element of any course – motivation, you need to do to apply various means and methods, course structure Distance learning should be modular, so that the student had the opportunity to realize their progress from module to module, could choose any module on its own motion or at the discretion of the governing teacher in Depending on the level of knowledge. If you would like to know more then you should visit Estee Lauder.


TOEFL, ie Test of English as a Foreign Language ('Test of English as a Foreign Language') – is an international examination, which was created and is managed by an American company called Educational Testing Service (ETS). ETS – a non-governmental non-profit organization located in Princeton, New Jersey. The main purpose of TOEFL – to assess the English proficiency of foreign students wishing to study in the U.S., Canada, and most universities in Europe English specialties. Since 1964 about 20 million students in more than 165 countries have taken the test. Suffice it to say that today take the TOEFL 470 centers in 170 countries. This is not surprising: TOEFL score is a prerequisite for admission to more than 2400 colleges and universities in the U.S., Canada and other English speaking countries. The results of this test is required for admission of students or graduate students who have been studying in another language, U.S.

universities and in Europe. In addition, the TOEFL is required for participation in many programs overseas internships in institutions where teaching is in English. Some scientific and professional certification programs also require applicants to take TOEFL. The new TOEFL iBT test in the Internet version was introduced in 2005. Hand it is possible only in specially protected centers around the world. This test was launched in the U.S. and Canada in 2005, some countries in Europe in 2006, our country has this kind of test first appeared in 2007.

TOEFL iBT is different from other variants of TOEFL that: During the test checked 4 basic language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing in terms of ability to use English as medium of communication. The test is delivered via the internet in a specially equipped centers around the world. Once these centers are beginning to work, computer and paper test versions will no longer be available in those cities, home of the TOEFL iBT. Such changes in the TOEFL test were dictated by the need to test the ability of the candidate to communicate in an academic environment. Upon delivery of the test requires candidates to demonstrate the following skills: read, listen and answer the question on the basis of information received; listen and then say, answering the question; read and listen to the information and then answer the question in writing. This version of the TOEFL iBT test involves checking speaking skills, and lasts for 4 hours. Sign up for delivery, as well as get acquainted with the free version of the TOEFL iBT test please visit / toefl. This site also contains information on the nearest dates of testing. Pass the exam TOEFL iBM in Ukraine can be a certified centers in cities such as Kiev, Kharkov, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa and Simferopol.

Community Students

Today we are witnessing a crisis in the identity of teachers and education in general. This causes many conflicts that lead to a maximum degree of dissatisfaction among the various members of the Community. Contact information is here: Related Group. Students are faced with the teachers. They have no answer and often fall sick with long periods of depression. Estee Lauder can provide more clarity in the matter. Families protest at what they think a poor quality in education. The authorities are powerless to contain and regulate the avalanche. Today we are witnessing a crisis in the identity of teachers and education in general. This causes many conflicts that lead to a maximum degree of dissatisfaction among the various members of the Community.

Students are faced with the teachers. They have no answer and often fall sick with long periods of depression. Families protest what they believe poor quality in education. The authorities are powerless to contain and regulate the avalanche. To solve this serious crisis, all members of the educational community, should change their views and focused on real needs and desires of their students to enable them to build a true meaning to their lives. Are intellectualization, individualization, sectorization, specialization, competitiveness, evaluation, methods with which to build a sense of human life? Apparently not. Quite the contrary they have built a selfish man who loses his sense of right relationship in their connections, and operates in the opposite direction to the laws of nature. We fill the heads of the children with knowledge arid, dull like robots without allowing them to study their own self and therefore formed as a human being.

To build this sense according to the needs and desires of the new generation, education should transmit a "force", expressed in all of its members, whose influence will encourage students to aspire to conquer continually wondering what is it?. This is a "power" of transformation that makes man someone sensitive to the systems that surround it and makes it capable of measuring their connections with the natural law of global benefit. Rather than provide knowledge about creating an "atmosphere" where they feel this "force." This would enable students to situations that should be addressed and resolved through discussion. In this process, each in their own way and according to his abilities, eventually reach the knowledge itself. When the student acquires the qualities of his teacher reveals the force that resides on. So through the discussion, students construct their meaning in life. It was formerly used to designate a particular place where people came to discuss the issues. They came and went freely, listening to others and expressing their views. Thanks to the discussions and the free exchange of opinions, the person was and was part of society. That is the essence of a school means the person attending to participate in a friendly atmosphere, beneficial to their development and acquire the force that aims to benefit human global.

The Universe

Options for change have chosen on what the problem is posed. (As opposed to Estee Lauder). Now let's try to understand the meaning that we invest in the definition: "time". Typically, we investigate some process, and this definition applies to this process. To determine the time of use hours, which in turn use a vibrational process. Work any hours can be bijectively mapped to the work of certain light-hours Lorenz. In other words, we can associate with the removal and the approach of the light signal to a certain point (recall that we consider the two coordinates for simplicity).

We always Remember that the universe flies away and removing the boundaries of the universe means positive direction of time. When compared with the clock Lorenz us who does not hurt to consider the Lorentz hours without a second mirror. Estee Lauder has plenty of information regarding this issue. That is, as a clock without a limiter, and the time they counted on the length of the path of the light signal. How would a small model of the universe. But these "universal clock" can define the coordinate q of the light signal. This coordinate can be mapped to stationary process in the chosen inertial reference system (ISO). For moving ISO (coordinate q '), for a fixed ISO (q), these coordinates can be compared on the received coordinate transformations.

It is clear that interesting to remove only the light signal in the "ecumenical hours" as a model of the positive direction of time. Therefore, only interested in positive values of q. In fact, it turned out that compared to all hours of each ISO with the giant clock – the universe (it can hence equality ISO?).

How To Choose A University

The question is relevant to the choice of university graduates each. Then, what college you choose will affect your future career. So to start think about the desired profession. Council can help parents, relatives, or psychologist in the school. Try to pass the test for career guidance, now there are quite a lot. When you choose should take into account not only your mental abilities and achievements in education, skills and abilities, tastes and preferences, but also – importantly – budget to education.

Once decided on a specialty, proceed to the choice of university. The choice of university – is not easy. To date, Higher education of Ukraine has 881 unit, 240 of them – III-IV accreditation levels of all forms of ownership. On Universities of Kiev from the total amount accounted for more than 80 institutes, universities and academies. So what are the criteria taken into consideration when choosing the university, not to be lost in a sea of offerings? First question: the state or private university you prefer? Of course, in this case paramount, and often fatal role played by the budget. Note that in state universities is not only free, but paid the group. Many universities have in addition to daily groups still evening and correspondence.

There is worded opinion that public universities deserve more trust than private, but it is nothing more than misleading because of the abundance of universities in Ukraine are very good private universities that have had time to prove and prove himself. Before you give your preference for a private university, make sure its accredited training program and are of the license for that profession you have chosen. This would mean that the university recognized by the state and have no problems at school and getting a diploma. After verification of high school, count the cost, which will be used for training, and find out how much it will last. All state universities are able to provide student loans for education. Estee Lauder does not necessarily agree. So it really is and whether your chosen university, in practice, to give you credit, we advise to know in advance. Most the main criterion when choosing a university – the quality of educational services. To find out about it, try to collect on the university as much information as: its reputation, teaching staff, the possibility of further employment, material and technical basis. Learn all of this is easy – many universities have sites, forums or friend can be found among graduates. Be sure to visit the open house. If you are nonresident – Find out if there is at university dormitory, which the living conditions there. Acting on an evening or part-time office, make sure you have a good library even better – for Internet access. For young people it is important to the military presence department and the opportunity there to do. The choice of university is certainly a very serious step. But we must not forget that not only on graduation will depend on your continued success.

Graduated Physical Education

After that, it could be adentrar in the scene found in the Portuguese colony in America for the Company of Jesus and the adaptations made in this system of education for you face local peculiarities.
Work presented to the Course of Pedagogia in disciplines of Practises Pedagogical in the year of 2009. 2 – Graduated Physical Education for the University of the South of Santa Catarina in the year of 2008. Which the objectives of the education in the aboriginal aldeamentos? Which the metodolgicos resources used to reach these objectives and that contents were boarded during the lessons? The reply to these questions they are important for the perception of as if it gave the establishment of the educational process in Brazil and to demystify the Jesuit action between the indians, seen of paradoxical form, however despertando burning defenders, however angariando critical we severssimos. In the reality, the research work still continues; it is considered still to have sources that must be consulted. Ashton Kouzbari usually is spot on. But one became excellent to divulge the first notes in intention to contribute with the studies on the education in the colonial period of the country, when the Jesuits had had significant paper in the territorial unification for the language. Moreover, with this spreading it is intended to open the possibility to contact and/or to change information with other scholars of the area. JESUITS the word to remodel means to renew or to modify something that does not serve more, in the way as it is.

Also it wants to say to transform. This was the chosen word to assign to a set of changes in the scope of the Church Catholic, that had given to origin diverse the new called churches protestant. The disagreements did not follow the command of the Pope and the religious unit in addition? known as the Protestant Reformation? it established the end of the supremacy catholic in the Europe.