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It is indisputable that the King of clubs is a da decks more intriguing of the tarot. It represents the power of pure fire. It is not creativity and creation of material objects but rather it seeks to take an idea and change the world according to his vision. This letter may no doubt demonstrate the personality of a statesman, a leader, an expert on the Affairs of the world and connoisseur of the spirit and human nature. Reflects a person who want to conceive of a better world, and if you want to achieve a utopia. He is a figure to which other people hear with enthusiasm, and he is responsible for convincing them that they are part of his plan. The King of clubs is a motivator, someone who knows how to do dispel the fear of others and bring out the best of each person, helping each to reach their potential. It is a person who thinks permanently the needs of others, and likes to solve difficult problems, which shall consider a challenge, especially if that way improves the situation of the rest of the people.

The King of wands has a unique respect for all human beings, acknowledging differences between each, character and life situation. Like the other letters of the tarot, the King of wands can cite to a person, or to a part of us that need to wake up. When it is revealed this deck in tarot Chuck can be speaking to us in two different circumstances: or is someone that will come into our lives and that has the personality of the King of clubs, or that we are who we become this leader in this visionary who wants to improve the situation of the world that surrounds it. However, the King of wands also has some flaws in his character. It is well known that whoever is on a level of authority and should command the lives of other people may have errors sobe decisions they take, and generally with unfortunate consequences for others. It will be necessary then sharpen the understanding of the complex nature of those who share our lives, in order to fully understand what they want from us, how we can help them. It will be necessary then take this responsibility seriously, and redouble the faith that has one. The King of wands tarot Chuck indicates that someone (maybe ourselves) will come out in defense of those who most need. Meant major arcana Tarot truck runes: divinatory interpretation of Cen/Kenaz stars and TAROT.es