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Demand For Flats Fall

Now we will focus on how the global financial crisis has affected rental apartment Kyiv in particular and the general rental housing in general. Consider the first month of summer this year. How to tell us the data analysis centers, the different directions movements in rental rates replaced the rising price trend. If you believe the information specialists, in Kiev, has become more expensive than rent one-bedroom and three bedroom apartments, in this case we are talking about an economy version. Also considerably more expensive one-and two-bedroom apartments in business class and one-bedroom apartments elite class. According to experts, the increase in rental rates occurred simultaneously with a decrease in demand for housing. Number proposals also fell by 2-3%. In this case, the activity of candidates was extremely low.

Perhaps the reason for this price increase, and may be summer time, the exact details yet. Approximately 20% fewer people were trying to find accommodation via the Internet, as they say think tanks. You can draw the appropriate conclusions. Lease price was higher, and proposals are now less because there was a natural outflow from the market those owners who have decided to deliver housing in the during stable market activity. But this period is in August-September.

These are the explanations given to us by experts. And the fact that decreased the amount of the proposal follows directly increase the cost of the lease, because the thing is, that the market remained only luxury property, affecting the average rental rates. That can make a prediction about what the next months supply will increase and reach its peak in autumn. But until we can only bet, precise data will only become available in late August. In addition, experts have found how much you could rent the cheapest and most expensive apartment in Kiev. Indicators identified for housing long term and for rent. The result was that the cheapest apartments are those who give two to three months, followed by long-term lease, followed by daily. Therefore, the guests of Kiev, who decided relax in the capital during the summer time, you could easily find an inexpensive option. Such solutions are disappearing from the market closer to the fall and reappear in the New Year period, when prices were rising at times.