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United Module

Cityless three-dimensional module, MTH; It is a module generated from two bars of variable dimensions, United by one of their ends forming 90 angle, and a center of dilation. Originating both rods and their homothetic, are joined by their free ends through the other two bars equal of variable dimensions, forming an angle of 90 with the previous turn. Three-dimensional module resulting in itself is therefore a homothetic figure. Grouping one module with another or others, rotated 180 degrees in any of the three datum planes, will form a series of new three-dimensional structures with application mainly in the design of the furniture industry as load-bearing structures. Jorge Perez helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. corporation/’>Chevron Corporation. Bars can be of any material which the industry profiles can supply; metals in all their classes and alloys, wood, bakelite, pvc, etc. The sections of hollow or solid bars may be square, circular, rectangular etc. Unions among themselves of the bars may be continuous, welded, bolted, roblonadas, glued, etc, depending on the composition and escuadria of material which can be made up.

The module three-dimensional cityless registered at the Spanish Office of patents and trademarks. The MTH module in the production of designer furniture, generates innovative, functional and stylish products to combine the tradition of architectural design with a Sustainer universal structure and the use of high quality materials. An organization for the development of the system of the MTH module, being formed in the production of designer furniture. To begin by editing an armchair, a Chair and a table, for more forward begin to introduce other designs: sofa, extra tables, libraries, lamps etc. The module can have any dimension in some of the three directions, hence its versatility and its definition as a Sustainer universal structure. To see the first designs go to October 2009 Fdo: Angela Ortega Medina. Original author and source of the article