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The Father

The speech contained two confessions: 1) father, I have sinned against Heaven and against you, and (2) Father, am no longer worthy to be called your son. The speech also contained an order: father, make me as one of your workers. Prodigal, getting up in the middle of the mire, began walking toward the parental home with throbbing heart and tilted to Earth face; and when even was far his father saw him, and his father was moved with compassion, and his father ran, and his father threw on his neck, and his father kissed him. That scene so tender and wonderful a father who looks at his son even though it is far, who loves his son even when dirty, exhausted, poor and humiliated. Imagine the tender scene of two souls fused in a hug, a father covered with immaculate vestments and a child covered with clothing splashed with mud from the pigsty and spots of many dyes and paints of HARLOTS. While father hugged him and kissed, Prodigo began the speech prepared in the loneliness of exile, saying: father, I have sinned against Heaven and against you, I am not worthy to be called your son, but the father was interrupted the speech to avoid his son asked him to be a simple day laborer.

Deeply shocked and happy, the father asked his servants that they dress your child with the best dress (declaring you it just), which placed a ring in his hand (declaring heir), and that will fit your feet with shoes (declaring child). Furthermore, the father requested that they bring the calf Gordo to be sacrificed and subsequently served during a gala dinner. It also requested that all musical instruments, to invite all musicians to animate the party with chants, dances and dances are desempaquen. In addition, requested that open sources of water and the lights of the Palace on: because East was my dead son, and he has revived; It had been lost, and is found, and everyone began to rejoice.