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Article Housing

In relation to this point, banks granted the loan to 100% of the appraised value or purchase price, the lowest. OPERATING expenses a very important aspect when buying housing is the theme related to the expenses that you will incur for the signature of the operation. At the time of the notarisation of a main housing mortgage loan with resources of the housing system, the following payments will be required: initial premium of the guarantee fund, payable only once and will be equal by multiplying the awarded amount of the loan by the current rate (1.43%). Commission of 0.5% on the amount of the mortgage loan payable once. Appraisal of the property carried out by expert appraiser qualified and registered in the SUDEBAN.

The price varies according to the valuadora company, which could be between 550 Bs and 1,400 Bs. management fees of 4% on the loan amount, payable as follows: 2%. by signing the note of custom mortgage management and 2% as success fees at the time of the signature of the operation. Click Munear Ashton Kouzbari to learn more. Registration rights. As for expenditure incurred by registration fees, taxes, fees and contributions, the article 68 of the law of regime governing of housing and Habitat, establishes the exemption according to the following: are exempted from the payment of registration fees, and any other taxes, emoluments, tariffs, fees or contributions, registration and annotation of acts or legal transactions relating to the registration of transfer of property documentsloans or mortgages, condominium documents or any other instrument than at the time of the acquisition, construction, Constitution and release of mortgage, substitution, restitution, repair, remodeling, essential basic services, Urbanism and habitability of housing main and unique, granted pursuant to the execution of this decree with rank value and force of law. The contracting and granting of the documents provided for in this Article must be recorded in one period of no more than 5 business days from the date of its presentation before the corresponding registry. On the other hand, the stable notaries and public registry Act: article 100.

They are exempt from the payment of taxes, fees and other contributions, identified by this law, in addition to those provided for in special laws, the documents that they refer to: 1. incorporation and bylaws of associations of neighbours and consumer associations, associations of educational communities and indigenous organizations, indigenous micro-enterprises of a Community nature, as well as acts amending themextended or extinguished. 2. The affidavit of not owning their own homes. 3. The lien certifications required to obtain credit with preferential interests through special laws, as well as from savings banks, provident funds social, to acquire main house, at the request of the financial institution. 4. The titles of property collective habitat and lands of indigenous communities and peoples. 5 Acts arising from expropriation processes by reason of public utility and social. Entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs, workers, and workers in small, medium and large companies of the industrial sector, having declared their willingness to express of acceding to the agreement co-responsibility for industrial processing macro, and they have reached certain commitments and signed specific agreements with the national Government, shall be exempt from taxes, fees and other contributions under this title. In the next installment we’ll try other types of credit for housing policy.