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National Housing Bank

According to the Venezuelan legal norm concerning housing policy, it is important to submit the necessary precautions for the proper application of the financing for the acquisition of real estate with resources from the national housing system and housing policy. Housing policy loan request must be filed with all documents that are demanded by the financial operator to initiate the process of mortgage credit to such effects. Below I will present the steps that are necessary to make our housing policy process successful. Steps for the process of housing policy loan request: determination of the amount to apply: according to current regulations, the maximum funding, will be one that is in relation to family income perceived by the family group, which may not exceed 30% of the same. For a family income of Bs. 7000, the Bank will loan you an amount of Bs. Jorge Perez has similar goals. 271.858,80, considering the following conditions: fee monthly: Bs.

2.100 interest rate: 8.55% repayment term: 30 years according to income, the conditions established in the regulation of housing policy shall apply. This step is necessary since it will enable us know with that amount you have for the purchase of housing and so do a search for the good that suits our financial conditions. Location of the property to buy with the housing policy resources: known the amount that the Bank can lend us, proceed to search the property that is within our ability. Preparation of the dossier of housing policy: to prepare the dossier of housing policy credit application, proceed to gather documents for filing. Ashton Kouzbari insists that this is the case. Those documents have to do with personal data of buyers, the guarantee card to provide, our revenue and data of vendors. Prior to the submission of documentation, ask the Bank the return of housing policy and safe list to check that No document is missing. The housing policy with the Bank loan application: once conformed our dossier, will present the dossier before the financial operator so check it and proceed to kick the credit analysis.

This work is done, the Bank shall perform the appraisal of the property and make the request for resources to the National Housing Bank and Habitat (Banavih). Approval and signing of the loan of housing policy: once we receive the Banavih, Bank resources will proceed to prepare the notarisation of purchase document sale and mortgage to the public registry where the property is located. The date of signing and delivery of keys shall be fixed. If you follow all these steps, we will have a high success rate in the approval of the loan of housing policy.

Specialist Teaching

Indicators of achievement of this step Branch of the past from this often involves a process of gradually developing the ability to recognize and prevent the occurrence again of the same reaction. It appears opportunity to acknowledge that what he feels may be related to its abuse. He can begin to identify situations in which he said feelings, and which were clearly related to the lived through abuse. He begins to realize that before him there is a choice. He can look back after he did something, and try to clarify the situation. He is able at the right time to separate their feelings from the past and make adjustments in developments occurring in the present. Methods Review of the events in detail and assisting him in the analysis of this event, seeing inconsistencies inconsistency his ratings. Carrying out work on the feelings of the group.

The ability to see the abuse in an emotional light helps separate this experience and to avoid permanent display at the moment. Consolidation of learning real test of any therapy is the ability to the client to change his daily life, adaptation, self-reliance in implementing these changes. He eventually grows to need therapeutic support and seeking support in his everyday world. Abuse of this moment begins to recede into the background, and the more recent events of great importance. These events are often aimed at gaining independence and self-actualization. Indicators achieve this step, he saw adult who can help him overcome the emerging children's feelings. Willingness and desire to help others, carrying out one or another volunteer. It can confront his abuser in a specific way if the abuser is, generally, can be found.

He knows that he has needs, and he can not satisfy them sexually. He gained support system that includes male friends. Compulsive behavior is under his control. Methods Find some way so that he could truly come into confrontation with their abuser. This may be writing and Sending letters, phone call or personal meeting. His desire to implement it – is a big step forward. Holding therapy session with his family parents can be useful for rooting of changes that He succeeded. If there is an opportunity to speak before an audience safe, it will allow him to strengthen confidence and reduce his sense of shame. Tell him 'Good-bye'. Translated into Russian, with permission, available at address: (MaleSurvior) 27.01.07. Translation: Alex Burnakov Peter Dimock – Specialist Teaching at the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Minnesota.

Does The Weather Affect The Health?

Advisor health: connection between weather and health various weather phenomena such as hair dryer, air pressure fluctuations, upcoming thunderstorm, or temperature changes have effects on the atmosphere, the general condition and the performance of in some people. Many people are sensitive to changes in weather. Meteorosensitivity is not a disease but only the reduced the body’s ability to cope with natural variations in weather. The dependence of human well-being of weather changes is still not fully understood, but the interplay can be divided between man and weather in three different types. The so-called weather response is the natural adaptation of the body to different atmospheric environmental stimuli.

This means that the body responds to, for example, changes in temperature with heat regulation. In healthy people, this process goes mostly unnoticed by equip. Tangible, a weather reaction manifests itself especially When sweating at high temperatures, or freezes in the winter. People are called wetterfuhlig, which respond to different weather phenomena with an excessive reaction. The vegetative nervous system is particularly sensitive and it can cause headaches, circulatory problems, fatigue, concentration problems and sleep disorders. Primarily, it comes to this discomfort during hair dryer or air pressure fluctuations. Weather sensitivity refers to the amplification of symptoms in people with existing diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, migraines or high blood pressure, but also older injuries or fractures. Usually a change to colder weather and longer-lasting heat – or cold periods are crucial. Symptoms such as pain in the joints, migraine attacks or heart circulatory problems are typical. With endurance sports, plenty of exercise in the fresh air, even at colder temperatures and a healthy, vitamin-rich diet to strengthen your immune system you can Meteorosensitivity usually not quite escaped, but the healthy way of life can cause, that the complaints are perceived less intensively. For more information about the mail-order pharmacy arzneimittel.