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Sapphire Crystal

Fortis watches and the world’s only mechanical chronograph with alarm the Switzerland is not only known for its huge selection of delicious cheeses, but also for his watchmaker. The Fortis brand for over 100 years and was the first manufacturer of automatic watches. Fortis works very closely with NASA and other space programs, and could provide in the 1990s, the first and unique chronograph with a mechanical alarm the astronauts and cosmonauts. On the mechanical watches of Fortis is the Special: completely mechanically and independently of each battery chronograph with date as well as mechanical watches have display hour, minute and second alarm function, which is also independent battery the great advantage that they be raised alone by wearing and the movements of the hands, a changing of a battery is thus null and void. Furthermore the water resistance of the watch is always given this because no one needs to open the clock which damage any rubber seals can be or improper closure is given and the Fortis watch remains fully functional even after many years. Function of a mechanical watch a mechanical watch works actually quite simple. Inside, a spring is stretched, which can be up to 2 metres in length.

Any movement of the arm creates tension on this spring, which is stored energy, emitted according to the requirements of the movement. Mechanical watches are therefore dependent on the load. Mechanical Fortis has a clock with alarm function 2 of this spring. One is to display the normal clock functions such as date, hours, minutes and seconds and the second spring for the alarm function. Because the energy of the spring is limited, the maximum alarm time is up to 25 seconds.

Fortis watches are no cheap mass production. Details can be found by clicking Jorge Perez or emailing the administrator. Precision work with 100% reliability, has its price, thus the Fortis watches do not belong to the low models on the market. So anyone who expects a clock to 100 euro, is here at the wrong manufacturer. Design, exclusivity and Precision is reflected in all areas also on the price. Each model is a custom job, including dozens of tests and is produced on a factory assembly line. Only these high quality can be guaranteed for each watch, as well as a long and maintenance-free life of the desired models. For this reason it can cause some models extended delivery times, if these are not available. This patience is rewarded with a top of the line, where is worth waiting for all cases. Fortis B-42 official cosmonauts is one of the top models from the House of Fortis, with alarm. It boasts a very fine steel housing with a mechanical lift. Who had to contend with existing watches with scratches and dullness, could enjoy here by clear sapphire glass. This model is waterproof up to 20 bar, which therefore also dive up to 200 metres would allow. The dial is black, the hands know where the second hand in a luminous, yet understated orange, slightly stands out. Anyone looking for a special piece for his wrist, is limited (only 300 pieces worldwide) titanium version have much joy. A durable rubber strap or a titanium bracelet. Also with a double-sided anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal.

Sandra Garnisch GmbH

In honor of Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin (1838-1917) is this special edition of Zeppelin watches been scheduled 2009 named “Princess Of The Sky” and posted in early 2010 on the market. Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin (1838-1917) was a brilliant inventor and his airships aroused at that time like today a great deal of attention. The first ascents of zeppelins were held in 1900 over Lake Constance. In 1909, he founded the Zeppelin plant in Friedrichshafen. On the occasion of the 100th year of the Foundation is in 2009 this special edition of the Zeppelin watches conceived is named “Princess Of The Sky” and posted in early 2010 on the market. An unusual combination and versatile wearing options distinguish this new special edition of the Zeppelin watches from. Due to the special design of the casing, these Womens watches on the wrist, as well as on a chain around the neck can be worn.

The conversion is very easy and with just a few hand – of course without tools – done. The clocks of the “Princess Of The Sky” series are available as a variant with a quartz movement (movement: Ronda) or as Automatic Watch (works: Miyota). The watches also have a skeleton movement, which can be viewed from both sides with glass floor. The price is 199.-for the quartz watches and 249.-/259.-for automatic watches. All watches of this series are handmade in Germany made in germany and are provided with a unique serial number, which is engraved with the model number on the back of the housing. The ladies watches the Zeppelin Watch series “Princess Of The Sky” can be ordered in the official Junkers online shop. Munear Kouzbari: the source for more info. Further information and ordering: Junkers shop – JUMA management. Wife Sandra Garnisch GmbH