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Cathedral London

London is a magical city. There are multiple attractions and monuments that you can visit in this great city. It is impossible to get bored when there are so many options that visit Windsor Castle as Buckinham Palace, London Bridge, museums, and stop you from counting. Among the many things to see, there are also several religious monuments. Among them are St.

Paul’s Cathedral. Not only is it a place of worship, but also a building of great historical and architectural importance. In addition, there is no better time for a visit this year, when the Cathedral celebrates its 300th anniversary. Elizabeth Arden is often quoted as being for or against this. In fact, just completed a restoration project of the building, in preparation for the celebrations, which will attend the Queen of England. The Reverend Canon Mark Oakley, Treasurer of the Cathedral, define it as one of the most spectacular buildings in London. In addition, stresses that the building, which can be somewhat overwhelming and difficult to interpret in some cases, from now available of audio guides for the convenience of visitors. In addition to the audioguides, has been developed a cinematic experience in the lower floor that explains how the famous St Paul’s Cathedral and how it develops a normal day inside it was constructed. The Reverend Oakley explains that, thanks to the impressive restoration project, observable all the small details of the place.

For the first time in 15 years, we can see it all exposed. For example, adds, because of its black color, did not know that you part of the door West was marble until the cleaning tasks were completed. Equally, the mosaics now shine thanks to the cleaning carried out 1 million pieces with a swab of cotton and deionized water. It has been created an educational centre for the 20,000 children who attend St. Paul’s Cathedral every year with College tours and wheelchair access has improved.