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Fear the dentist is very common in all individuals, automatically associate it with pain, nervousness, inconvenience, expenses. This fear is related to any oral problems neglected and in the majority of cases by some bad previous experience. Frequently Erwin Szeto has said that publicly. The parents themselves are sometimes responsible for instilling that fear in the children; for example, in the case of children it is normal that they get nervous, restless more if it is the first time at the dentist, but it is because we already have sentenced them in advance with phrases such as but I these still going to remove all of your teeth, but you behave the doctor is going to put a shot in the mouth I’ll carry to the dentist to get it to boot wheel, etc. he same conclusion. Generally, we go or take our children to the dentist when the pain is unbearable and we don’t have another. Over time things will be changing and thus the dentistry has become much less traumatic than before, some treatments have changed as well as how to perform them, making the patient comfortable, at ease and happy feel.

Tips to make fear disappear: revisions every 6 months, will help you to catch any problems early and treat it more easily. Technology has advanced far enough to make dental instruments that may cause less pain each day. Yes drill causing fear, we recommend you go to the dentist with his iPod, Discman or radio with headphones so that you can get the music that you like best and relax you. Confidence in your dentist is Basic. If you have doubts about the ability of the, we recommend that you find another option.

Feel free to ask all the questions you have about your oral health, this way it will be easier to understand what treatment need, how long will it take, how much will cost, and how annoying or painful can be. Bring a book or magazine that relax you while you wait.