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Retirement With Tax Advantage:

Stuttgart certified Stuttgarter BasisRenten by BFin, March 19, 2010 the Federal Agency for financial services supervision (BFin) has been certified a.G. Stuttgart life insurance BasisRenten-portfolio yesterday Thursday. The State certification in addition to the products of BasisRente classic and BasisRente invest also the invalidity insurance of BUZ-PLUS, that can be completed at the Stuttgart at the rates of the first layer. Certification the BasisRenten of Stuttgart, completed under the terms of the updated requirements of 2 old age provision contract Certification Act (AltZertG). This innovation is the precondition that the posts for BasisRenten contracts as pension expenditure can be used. Is pleased with the current certification both our customers and our business partners, and of course the financial authorities have in the future the necessary guarantee that our rates comply with the legal requirements”, to Sascha Albiez, Marketing Director of Stuttgart Lebensversicherung a.G. The certification of the Stuttgarter BasisRenten applies to all new contracts. The certificate for all leases will follow expected by no later than 31 December of this year. How to contact with Przsseinformationen stock fish. The power of the word Melanie Bredlow Handrick Babu road 56 20357 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 72 00 92 12 fax: 040 / 72 00 92 29 E-Mail:

Health Care Reform

Privately insured can benefit from some advantages in the new year. It was decided in September 2010, it entered into force on 1 January of this year: the current health-care reform in 2011. Rejected by health insurance companies, social organisations and consumer parties and highly controversial population – because financially stronger, she charged the legally insured – the reform for privately insured nevertheless has, however, many advantages. But what has changed for private health insurance, with the beginning of the year and 2011, health-care reform? What should consider private policyholders and how is the change in private health insurance for employees after the changes? 2011 health reform: time faster change is made possible the launched in 2007 three-year limit, according to the employees for at least three years must be above the specified limit of compulsory insurance to go in private health insurance, the reform void. Before the beginning of the year were interested employees even when non-recurring Immediate change is exceeded. Since this regulation was but a temporary solution in the framework of the introduction of the reform, that was the case only during the last quarter of 2010. Since the 1 January 2011, a change is possible, but after one year, if the insurance limit was exceeded at least once.

In particular Commissioner should consider so whether you should insure private. However, not only the exchange arrangements for joining a private health insurance have changed. Also, the limits of the insurance obligation, as well as the dropped for this year 2011, have fallen. The insurance obligation thus out 2011 with a monthly gross income of 4125 euros (annually so 49500). The contribution assessment ceiling is gross 3712,50 euro 2011 just yet.

Thus, not only the private insured be relieved with new health-care reform, but also much earner in the statutory health insurance. Higher employer subsidy and drug discounts In addition, the employer grant with the beginning of the year, with a maximum amount of 271,01 euros, has grown. The uniform base fare euros thus at least 577,44 in the current year. However, this is not only the contribution assessment ceiling and the rate of contribution depends on, but in the future also average additional amounts is. More changes noticeable in the falling prices for medicines. Since the beginning of the year, namely, no longer only legally insured by the regulated forced discounts on drugs, but also privately insured benefit. Thus, not only the height of the contribution payments are likely to reduce the current year, but also the cost of medicines. However this does not include the expected price increases on the pharmaceutical market. Talk: Various drugs will be expensive and the discount is ultimately deducted from the current final price. Tariff tips and hints for the change but is offered some mindfulness and caution at the different rates: not only the tariff rate of statutory health insurance has grown with the turn of the year to 15.5 percent, but also the rate of private health insurance. There but not all private health insurance companies have attracted the tariff and increased, or these provide cheaper, risk – and performance-oriented tariffs under circumstances, a comparison is worth at the moment immensely for example here. As a tip for Exchange students: Private health insurance companies calculate the contribution payments not only according to the monthly income, but also by gender, age, State of health, the profession and the desired performance and scope of insurance. Especially for a private insurance company what your health is worth one and how well you want to be supplied depends on it so.

Private Health Insurance

Why should I have to change the health insurance? A change in private health insurance brings a lot of benefits for the policyholder and is very attractive in any case. You get offered a variety of services, which are not contained in the statutory health insurance. This includes the free choice of doctor, a significantly better and care in case of an in-patient stay in the hospital, and many other services. The contributions for private health insurance are a further advantage. In contrast to the duties of statutory insurance not apply this to the level of income, but are calculated according to the age, health status and any pre-existing conditions that could fall into the weight. Briefly to said if you are young and fit, you can save up to 70% at private health insurance compared to the law in favorable cases. A huge advantage for the private health insurance is, of course, the variety of services in medical care.

Also the cost for a treatment with a therapist are persisted when the private insurance generally. When travelling abroad, you need no extra health insurance as it is the case in the statutory health insurance and also all necessary ambulance services must not be paid and are covered in the insurance benefit. One must also openly admit that any privately with doctors is a very welcome guest. This is because that the doctor here considerably more can settle in a treatment than a cash register patients. This is still in more points felt like, for example, a shorter waiting time, better methods of treating and especially the certainty, that no services be shortened or deleted. People who suffer from insure themselves privately have even the bonus that they get reimbursed contributions, if they have not exceeded a certain limit of performance within a year. A private health insurance has many advantages and thus contributes at, it is always well supplied.