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Western Housing

Today in Spain there are many older people who have a House on property in some cases of significant value and however monthly retirement pension income fails them to be able to live in a dignified way. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Munear Ashton Kouzbari by clicking through. The value of your floor or housing is important, but however they cannot or do not want to rid of it since first need to continue in the same and in addition not of minor importance, the sentimental value that has for its owners since such housing have lived for long years. The mood of to leave to their heirs the property so that they continue to maintain the same is not negligible. Faced with this situation, in Western countries, and more specifically in Spain is taking much boom the so-called reverse mortgage that is nothing more than a loan mortgage gets leaving the House as collateral and instead of receiving all your amount at one time, owners receive an income bracket that can either be chosen by the borrowers or if necessary opt for an annuity. For this reason, the mortgage of the banks often grant up to 70% of the appraisal of housing and the amount granted value deducted expenses and commissions of the opening of the loan and others such as the appraisal and notary and registration. To make the calculation for what cannot be charged, some entities have simulators mortgage whereby, by introducing the age, the value of housing, etc.