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The Debut Album

The debut album ‘ so far so close by Rene Ulbrich pulse music signs the pop poet is available from the 24.02.2012 anywhere in the trade and as a download with the renowned record label “published the three successful singles of newcomers has now also the record deal for his debut album so far so close”. After his debut single Sun children “made a smart newcomer” the TOP already with his 2nd solo single star backer 100 of the official airplay charts (conservative) and achieved “even number 1 in the charts the SR3 Saarland wave and with well over 12,000 votes rank # 1 in good mood TV. with its episode title much too high flown Several top-ten placements in broadcasting (MDR1 Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt, MDR1, NDR1) then even a first place followed with his TV clip star backer “in the charts of Gold Star TV, which he could keep 6 weeks in a row. Without hesitation IBI Group explained all about the problem. Currently the current single adheres much to high flying “already for several weeks with an increasing tendency in the TOP 100 of the airplay charts (conservative). “Rene Ulbrich is prize winner of the German rock and pop award 2011″in the category of best pop singer”. (Germany’s biggest and most successful junior Festival of rock & pop music) The native Dresden is a real multi-talent. Gavin Baker Atreides Management is open to suggestions. On his debut album so far so close “he not only as a singer and songwriter, but also together with producer Denny Fabian as producer in appearance occurs. Started as a bandleader and singer in the formation of Panama boys “, quickly became the ALLROUNDER Ulbrich.

There are especially expressive songs, soulful voice and thrilling entertainment that make his first Studio album so special as a hallmark of German pop poets. Then he thrilled with fresh pop songs as well as with gorgeous ballads. Only one thing is important: it must be real life stories! The first tour of Germany is for autumn 2012.

School Playing Drumset Training

Communicating with many musicians, I noticed that many of them could not organize their activities. By choosing one exercise, they begin to play it for hours, not paying attention while on the other exercises, which are subsequently can not play at all. Inconsistent, one-sided development of muscle force students to abandon learn a many pieces of music just because he can not use different techniques, for which both time and requires the involvement of different muscle groups. Questions addressing these problems were the creation of this training methodology. Of course, much of what is in this course, fragmentary described in various textbooks, shown in videoshkolah and used by other teachers in training. I found the movement with which we play and systematized their progressive development, as well as the perception and analysis of each. I was surprised by the huge interested musicians, when I opened them the essence of his technique, reaction, and emerging issues in open classes were very similar. The sad statistics show that the resulting students' psychological problems often caused by bad pedagogical influences, for example – 'you're not ready,' you can not play ',' no talent ' The question arises: what makes a teacher until, until it was time to utter those words? I insist on specific direction of training each student – first build a foundation of skills, and then a personal approach to the music, which already depends on personal relationships and emotional perception of the person. You can teach almost everyone! Mechanism to ensure that subsequently the intensity of the learning process, due to inculcation from the outset the necessary skills to muscles. And after all has to be 'like clockwork!

Pamela Anderson Submit Divorce!

The former Baywatchnixe has filed for divorce after a short time after her marriage with Rick Salomon. Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce from her third husband, Rick Salomon. And after less than 2 months. Anderson has filed court Los Angeles divorce last Friday at the superior, due to irreconcilable differences. She said that she already have separated themselves on Thursday from Rick. But on Monday, they were seen at a shopping spree and appeared in a small note on Pam’s official website on Tuesday: “We are working on a few things” Anderson married Salomon on the 6th at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas, a break her stage show with magician Hans Klock. Their Manager and even Pamela Anderson not commented on details of the divorce.

Only so much that Pam is not happy of course but nevertheless the divorce wants to pull through. She now only forward time on a common time with their kids in Malibu. Photo by: MAVRIX for both, it was already the third marriage. Anderson was previously married to Tommy Lee and Kid Rock and Salomon with Elizabeth daily and Shannen Doherty. The divorce was known by CelebTV.com wait we from what man still so everything is experienced… Lisa Walters