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Hair Loss

There is a persistent idea that our body is under constant hunger for a huge range of nutrients. This legend gives great impetus to trade in short supply: calcium, iron, fluorine, selenium (in cosmetic formulations), and all the rest, without which it can not do our liver, skin, heart, etc. This is certainly rational. And indeed, it is not just spirit of the times, or a cunning fiction due to which television advertising is overrun with messages such as "fluoride to your teeth," "calcium for your hair," etc. The deficit is present, but not because of a lack, but because of the significant excess. And not always that what you need. A living organism to be alive to contend with constant external aggression chemicals in significant concentrations.

Around us, the inhabitants of large cities, to be honest the whole periodic table plus almost all of the nomenclature of organic chemistry. So where in such circumstances to take up deficits? It's simple: in this powerful incoming flow of various compounds of the human body is not without reason, sees the blatant chemical aggression, and the last effort surrounds himself from the external environment, so to speak, "shlakbaum down", unable to understand what is useful and what is harmful. But not being able to get rid of dirt, store them in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, in hopes to get rid of all these "riches" at the first opportunity. For example in the sauna. And it turns out that with such a significant "noise" even the most sensitive receptors can not recognize: that there on the threshold: the enemy or friend? Natural flow stops due to congestion. And because of the depressed state of the immune defense. The analogy with the Moscow traffic jams: regardless of the value of the car (its value), the owners are not exactly the same get to your destination on time.