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Special Education

Valley to stand out currently that, is called Inclusive Education and not more Special Education, as she was previously called. Brazil possesss 466 155 pupils with deficiency in basic education. About 97% of the deficient pupils they give up to study. The evasion is a mark of Brazilian education as a whole, even so the index of the general abandonment is less scandalous: 74% of the students leave to study from the 15 years. It affirms the secretariat of special education of the MEC. (DUTRA, 2009, P.

421) Clearly that the inclusion demands the transformation of the school, since it defends the admission in the regular education of pupils with any dficits and necessities, remaining to the schools if to adaptarem to the necessities of the pupils. The inclusion finishes for demanding a breaking with the traditional model of education, therefore the inclusion of the PNEES to the society and the development as citizen started to be one of the main tasks of the pertaining to school Units. Although the importance and of the advance in the politics in favor of inclusion, knows that in practical, the many deficient ones that if they find introduced in the regular system of education they remain being isolated of its friends of regular groups e, of certain form, rejected for the school and professors. The deficiency carriers need to be considered, from its potentialities of learning. On this aspect he is easily understandable that the school does not have to fix the defect, valued the abilities that the deficient one does not possess, but in contrast, to work its potentiality, with sights in its development. (PACHECO, 2006, p.33) quotation that: The school loads a culture luggage and to know that they took care of to the one necessities determined time and clientele. If previously, the deficient one was excluded of the society, currently it has its rights guaranteed for law.

Educational Unit

' ' You have that to say I mathematics taste, I adore, I I know ' '. It laughs. She was very difficult to change its language, however it initiated in the half of 1 bimaster to speak better of disciplines. However, its notes until 2 bimaster were horrible. I continued stimulating to unlock the mind, using the code of the positive language.

For my joy and surprise, in 3 and 4 bimasters it took off note ten! She knows what more she happened? At the end of the year it asked for to help the pupils to me in the Final Examination! It was the best pupil of mathematics that I had. She functioned! It unlocked, using a new language on same itself! Perhaps you think, then I have that to distribute notes for all? Not! Pupils who are stopped, ashamed exist, incapable to carry through an only account, but they are every day our front, impossible to ignore them. It has the faulty ones, indisciplinados, vandals, with this we deal in another way. I perceived, when I gave lessons in the UNEI (Educational Unit of Internment), it disciplines that it that the adolescent ones more liked were accurately the mathematics. For they I nor needed to give other substances, only the mathematics. Why? I understood, not only in this House, but in the school, that the indisciplinados pupils understand the mathematics well faster of what the others ' ' normais' '. They make calculations quickly and they are ready to bagunar! They are unlocked in this discipline, because she does not fear it, look at of front for it.

The mathematics does not represent a monster for they, but a to be detonated, knocked down, surpassed challenge. It is as soon as I defined the interest of the pupils indisciplinados with this substance. They consider themselves to win it.