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Sclerosal Procedure

The method is based author's method of using a special hand technique, developed by Fedoseev, NV 'Hand lipoplasty' – it's completely independent branch of non-surgical liposuction. The method was developed based on years of practice to rejuvenate the tissues through a radical restructuring of the subcutaneous fat and increase skin turgor. Work is proceeding on the problem areas the figures, which have dense the consistency of fat and practically do not react to diet, fitness, and standard procedures in beauty salons. This fat is called sclerosal. Imagine a fatty lumps that are enclosed in impermeable fabric (it is called fibrosis). This fibrous tissue does not pass to fat no matter how you would not have tried.

It is isolated from the body. Sclerosal fat occurs during puberty, it also becomes chronic calorie fat (fatty lumps gradually increase and become overgrown by fibrous membrane impermeable). During the procedure itself is no destruction, 'burning' of fat occurs. Realogy Holdings Corp gathered all the information. Just is not going away dense fibrous walls and capsules are enclosed in individual fat cells and their clusters. The fact is that during the procedure in the tissues of the treated area of concern is the accumulation of specific enzymes, mediators and reactive oxygen.

But between sessions under the influence of these substances is just going loosening and disintegration of fibrous tissue, destruction of membranes of fat cells and splitting of the fat. Such 'recycling' extends to a 3-to 6 weeks after procedure. Cleavage products of fat excreted naturally by the kidneys and liver (via our system of elimination). During the course can lead a normal life, is familiar to you food. AND The term 'course' here is relative – the intervals between treatments are not limited, since you took that as a result of the procedure, it will not return. And – note – no 'washboard'. 'Hand lipoplasty' – this is not a fight against obesity – is figure correction with exquisite accuracy. Figure machined under your individual order, removing annoying you 'fixed landing' surplus. For example, getting rid of the "jodhpurs" visually lengthens the leg to a few centimeters, it is transforming the skyline. The result of correction is stored for a lifetime.


The cat is a clean animal by nature, and one of the reasons why the cat is one of the pets and most popular company is its high degree of hygiene. By his somewhat obsessive personality by small things that are out of your routine, the cat will not support have stains or dirt on your coat, and one of the most representative cats gestures is licking and grooming their fur to match it and clean it. If the cat is inside, it is an activity that will take much of the day. You have cats in the House or in a flat is simple. Everything depends on the cat and their socialization, personality since a properly socialized feline adapts very easily to home life and contact with humans.

Another aspect to evaluate upon receipt of a cat at home, is to make sure that no family member is allergic, bearing in mind that allergies are produced by one above present in the saliva of the cat, so even the hairless cats can cause allergy. Many people wonder whether or not bathe your cat. The answer depends of each animal in particular. For the majority of cats bathing is a kind of torture, not so much water which does not usually like too, but the restriction of movement imposed a forced bath. However, if the animal is accustomed from puppy, isn’t counterproductive a bath every three months or in specific cases where it is necessary, although a series of precautions should be taken. Firstly, the water temperature should be pleasant to the touch, neither too cold nor too hot, as if it were to bathe a baby. The same thing happens with the ambient temperature. It is necessary that the bathroom is carried out in a well conditioned, with heating and draught-free place, because cats are very sensitive to the cooldowns.

In addition, it is necessary to use special products for cats because they do not tolerate well products for humans and may be a risk of poisoning. In addition, we must never use products for dogs or other that are not specifically indicated for cats, the consequences can be serious.The cat is you quickly get used to relieve themselves in a sanitary tray specially prepared for this purpose, with sand or pebbles, which can be purchased at any veterinary clinic or specialized shop. A frequent cleaning of the tray will prevent bad smells to expand in the environment. Once the cat learns where’s your bathroom, it never foul other corners. And to do so it is necessary to be very careful because it can be a symptom of disease.