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Alexander Sviyasha

Are you tired of the constant stress that prevent you from being a harmonious and happy, and want to find emotional peace and inner harmony? Then this article is for you. From it you will understand how to become a winner over negative experiences. In order to stress does not become an obstacle on your way to happiness, psychologists recommend you the following ways to control their emotions: Exemption from repressed emotions. Anger and other negative emotions greatly affect your health, if not timely release. It is therefore imperative to keep a diary or to engage in various physical exercises. You can also beat the pillow, scream, or cry. The same way psychologists do recommend forgiveness.

It is free from insults, which are a strong stress factor and the source of many zabolevaniy.Dlya forgiveness can use special meditative techniques, such as meditation, Alexander Sviyasha, which you can read on the internet or in his books. Prevention of stress through relaxation. In order to control your emotions need to be able to relax. For this purpose, well suited various relaxation techniques, such as autogenic training. The greatest effect brings visualization method. He was very pleasant.

You relax and draw in your mind your favorite pictures that evoke You .Naprimer positive, we can visualize how you walk along the beach. You well. Birds sing and the sun is shining. You enjoy the beauty that surrounds you If you prefer breathing technique, then do not neglect them. Use them regularly. This is a great way to relieve stress. Stress at work, too, has a negative effect on you with prolonged exposure. Therefore, it is important to do your job comfortable. For this purpose you can use the science of feng shui. The same should be able to say "no" and not to transfer the problem to work abroad. A time to solve them. If you do not like your job, then look for another way income and self-actualization. If you have problems with communication, and this is causing stress, then learn the necessary literature, visit the training and apply this knowledge in practice. Learn how to find common ground with love man, become a genius of communication. This will help you greatly in life. If these tips do not help you, then look for other methods of dealing with stress. They are a huge number. The main use of them. Remember that in order to cope with problem, we must find its source and the act. It is most important. It all depends on you.

Choosing Your Thoughts Well

It is a piece of land where there will be many brambles of self-hatred, stones of grief, anger, worry, lack of food soil that nourishes it. It is also possible that there are trees called fear, guilt, they need a good pruning. Check with Elizabeth Hurley to learn more. Once you have cleared the ground of bad herbs, bushes, rocks, and you have the groundwork very well, sow some seeds of joy and prosperity. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of rusty holzer on most websites. The sun shines on your garden and rain you get wet while the fertilizer and loving care. The process takes time and although at first it seems that nothing much happens, if you have patience to grow plants and flowers fill.

The same happens in your mind, you choose the thoughts that you take care and if you have patience you will see how they grow and create the garden of experiences you want. You may sometimes mistake and mistakes. The only way to learn is from our own mistakes. Let us be kind to our minds Let's stop blaming and feeling guilty about having negative thoughts. They are experiences to learn lessons that will not topple. It may be helpful to practice relaxation exercises: Standing in a comfortable position to do four or five deep breaths. On the exhale say silently, "I love you. All is well "They are also useful visualizations.

Always display results optimistic about everything that we propose. Elogiemonos Start with small things. Tell yourself you're a wonderful person. DITEL regularly. When you look in the mirror every morning tell yourself "I'm cool," "I love you", "I am a wonderful person," or any other positive thing that comes to mind.

Microbiological Fertilizer As Biological Control Agents

With the development of science and technology has become possible to observe and study microscopic objects. Scientists around the world view with a microscope the smallest inhabitants of our unique planet. Children already in school are taught that there is germs, bacteria, tell about their structure, habits. Surprisingly, these microscopic creatures are able to unite and multiply. Now nobody will be surprised by the fact that these small bacteria may serve the man. And, of course, they find application in agriculture and help care for our planet. Microbiological fertilizer is a special culture of bacteria grown under certain conditions. Production technology of microbiological fertilizers in the EM-center of Ukraine confirmed the strong results in agriculture.

From fertilizer application to become clear that the biological agent Plant Protection was created by nature itself. Nature has created a unique way that is natural fertility of the soil, increasing crop protection and increases life force that helps to improve our wonderful planet. The drug has passed the state examination at the Kiev State Institute Ecohygiene and Toxicology. li Medved, and is recommended for use in agriculture in order to restore soil, increase the humus content, increase productivity, as well as pre-treatment of seed, root feeding plants and accelerate the composting! Microbial Biotechnology – is a promising and rapidly evolving technology of the 21 st century! em technology is one of the biotechnology industry, aimed at the revival of natural agriculture!

Doctor Advice

Hello, dear Doctor! True, it is easy to understand other people's problems, the fate? Give advice and listen to the problem. It's hard not to agree. Agree? I know that I agree. Maybe not 100%, but in general it is. Let's dig deeper, see whether the tips are valuable in light of some, perhaps, at first glance, the small but very weighty arguments and facts. In this you are also willing to agree, because you love these proceedings. Profession oblige.

So. One person, another person, provides valuable and highly (in the opinion giver) useful, practical advice, which should in turn – to solve the problem or need, or to change the course of his life for the better. It is good that one person, whether himself or by counsel of his relatives, yet understands that he needs some help and support. This, one might say, professional instruction. Well. It is commendable and the fact that there are people on planet Earth bogged down in various nefarious deeds, such as violence in all its manifestations, murder robbery, and other atrocities, including war and so on. Here are the most sincere people who want to help the suffering in this crazy world, sometimes do not realize that the very zeal and sincerity oh how little! Here's why. The first reason: Throughout human history had so many philosophies and teachings that they can easily get confused. Lancome may help you with your research.

But the saddest thing is that in our time are constantly changing techniques – to educate children so that was a couple of years – none – were wrong, you need to – so – and as always … Then we can beat them for educational purposes, then no, it is possible to allow all, then keep a tight mittens. How can that be?? Reason number 2. We have already mentioned that the philosophies and techniques, as the authors themselves, just a dime a dozen. Which one is right?? but can someone teach wrong? If everything is right, then not be better for people, their (teaching), lead to common denominator, making available to people as a whole, and for those who use them in their work. Continue to learn more with: 660 Fifth Ave. History shows that even mathematics is reduced to one textbook, or biology. Why? because after 1000 years, and 2×2 = 4, not 20 and not 1. What is not boasts a field of psychology. While people and 1,000 years ago were the same people with the same desires and needs. Is that nebylo: machines and computers, and mobile. Now a third, perhaps most important reason! go for it. Man gives advice, urging appropriate methods, it is one that neither is the best option for the patient in his situation. That may be true, actually. Suppose. And that's bad luck. the patient asks, and you tasted in my life to use all the advice that I offer, and like me, who come to you for advice? If so, show how these practical and useful tips brought to you in life practical use? your life become better, doctor? *********** That's how it turns out, we teach, give advice, say the word, and you looked … Councils, as well as words are just letters or sounds … Teaching others, we ourselves do as the man. We give advice on how to do to example, a family closer, and themselves with even greater problems. And they themselves have to change your life. And sometimes just do not have a family. So please be careful in how you teach and on what basis.

MUC Memory

I am the conscience of the intrahistricos parameters (contained in the memory) and extrapsychic. Without I would not have the conscience of the space-secular parameters and the reality of the world that I am (intrapsquico) and where we are (extrapsychic); without I as and an eternity would not have the lesser difference. The historical memory is divided in: memory of continuous use (MUC) and memory existence (ME). The performance of the phenomenon RAM automatic register of the memory produces a spontaneous and inevitable process of formation of intrapsquica history. We need to prevent that thoughts and terrifying images you are created in the MUC and ME, therefore the constant reading of these thoughts it generates anxiety and it distresses and phenomenon RAM has preference for privileged registering the experiences that have more tension. In such a way a vicious and harmful cycle appears the psychic health. In the clandestine and unconscious environment of the embroidery frames of the mind, ' ' eu' ' it learns one of finest, complex and sophisticated paradoxes of the intelligence, that is to learn the psicodinmicos ways quiet ' ' inconscientes' ' of the reading of intrapsquica history and the management of the processes of construction of the thoughts.

I can organize and only manage the process of construction of the thoughts, and the too much processes of construction of intelligence, if it paradoxicalally to learn to read ' ' inconscientemente' ' intrapsquica history and to also produce, ' ' inconscientemente' ' , the psicodinmicas chains of the matrices of thoughts. I, to if acquiring knowledge of the chains of thoughts produced unconsciously for the phenomenon of the autochecagem of the memory and for the phenomenon of autofluxo, interrupt or continue these chains. The continuation of the construction of these chains is also a form quiet and important to learn if to organize and to develop the management of the processes of construction of the thoughts.

High-Achieving Pupil

The superendowed pupil is curious, inquisidor, unstable e, for times, irritated and aggressive, demanding very of the person of the professor. Nor always it (the professor) psychologically is prepared to face it e, therefore, feels itself unsafe, inferiorizado and pursued, inasmuch as that one is the pupil who knows more, that makes difficult questions and that it shakes its status to know and of authority. Many professors compete with its superendowed pupils and they do not admit that these last ones know what they more than or that they can have more creative or original ideas. 1.0Desenvolvimento Partner-Emotional of Superdotado In recent years is if perceiving a great concern in developing and programming practical pedagogical to take care of the pedagogical and cognitivas necessities of the carrying pupils of abilities special. Some studies (Horowitz, 1987; Roeper, 1982 cit. in Alencar & Fleith, 2001:2006), show that the emotional characteristics of the superendowed ones do not occur more quickly or precociously of what of the other children; it occurs of form differentiated in terms of styles and learning, creativity, interests and traces of personality. Add to your understanding with Jorge Perez.

Among them, we detach: (a) Idealismo justice sense, that if it reflects in the concern of the superendowed child and to hug causes that promote equalities social; (b) perfeccionismo, Express for the auto-imposition of high, rigid standards of performance e, many times, irrealistas; (c) high level of involved energy in the accomplishment of activities; (d) perseverance, involving great concentration in activities of interest and the accomplishment of obstacles. The lack of tunning between its emotional, social, cognitivas and educational necessities and the conditions offered for the society can unchain, in the superendowed interpersonal conflicts intra and. 5,0 Paper of the Psychologist the psychologist has a very important paper, however little explored in this process of the inclusion and exclusion of the superendowed one in the social and educational context. The implementation of techniques of psychological aconselhamento, as well as of strategies of intervention next to the pupil, to the professor, the family and the community are some practise of them to be developed for the pertaining to school psychologist in the superendowment area. In the school, practical pedagogical they must take in consideration strategies of differentiation and modification the regular resume with sights to adjust the learning process ace necessities and characteristics of the pupils, and special of the talentosos superendowed ones and. Models of learning, strong areas of interest and points the pupils are words keys for the good development in this process. Moreover, the psychologist could still contribute in the professional orientation of these pupils, especially those that, in function of abilities and diverse interests (multipotentiality), have difficulty in choosing a career.

Magazine Education

Of this form the preparation of a professor who works with EJA must be differentiated. The methodology must be adapted and its pedagogical projects must include the expectations and the reality of the pupils Fits to the professor to articulate the aspects affective and cognitivo gifts in the choice of the education objectives, in the starting point of the education process learning, in the organization of the contents, the processes and activities of education and in the procedures of evaluation. Working as mediating between thoughts and contents with the pupils the professor will be capable to establish with constructive and pleasant relations. The fact is that the individual to develop the practical one of the autocorreo and to reach a development, a learning, needs to be affectively healthful and with its high-esteem well-taken care of. They are emotional, psychological factors that the individuals affect the development of all directly. It is joined this social factors, preconceptions, lack of preparation of the professionals and has a parcel each bigger time of the society with functional illiterates who feed our form of stratification. References: OLIVEIRA, Martha Kohl. Young Adult as citizens of knowledge and learning.

Work ordered for the GT ‘ ‘ Education of young people adultas’ ‘ presented in 22a Annual Meeting of the ANPED? 26 the 30 of September of 1999, Caxambu. WALLON, H.: The psychological evolution of the child. Martins Sources, SP, 2 Ed, 2008. OLIVEIRA, Martha Kohl. Cycles of life: some questions on the psychology of the adult. Article published in the Magazine Education and Research.