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If the charges have already posted, you will only be responsible for the first $50 in charges. Debit cards also offer this protection, but you must notify the issuer of the card with two days discover unauthorized charges or loss of your card. Notify its owner of the card within two days limits your liability to $50. If they do not realize the transaction within two days and the report of the load between 2 and 60 days, your liability increases to $500, after 60 days your liability may be unlimited. Meanwhile, you’re out that money and even if shall be paid the amount in the future, we do not expect credit to appear at the appropriate time. My personal opinion is credit cards offer a variety of benefits for users, especially when the balance is paid each month. One of those advantages is that with grace before the expiration of the payment period, with credit card it is like having an interest free short-term loan.