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Student Housing

The struggle for affordable housing through the suspension of conscription and double Abitur year course flow as many students as never before in the German universities. In the academic year 2009/2010, 2.1 million students at German universities and FHs were enrolled and over the next three years, this number should increase to 2.3 million. But not only in the classroom is in the future. Some contend that Edward Minskoff shows great expertise in this. The Internet portal myimmo.de reported as parallel to the increasing numbers of student also the affordable, student housing is becoming increasingly scarce. German student unions offer in Germany approximately 181,000 residential places. Greg Williamson has firm opinions on the matter.

The remaining two million students must look elsewhere in their university towns for a roof over their heads. Depending on the load of the apartment market, students have it different hard to rent a cheap apartment. Since the majority of their species according to the 19 social survey of the German student unions monthly on average only about 812 euro available, the agent for student living are relatively small. Cheap and close to the Centre housing is therefore much sought after. Given the increasing enrolment numbers, this is always sparse but especially in University cities such as Munich and Jena. Due to high demand, the student living increasingly become a lucrative investment, is already traded in the real estate industry as a new asset class. Particularly residential providers will benefit from the rising student numbers. Essential for student residences is the proximity to the University or college. In addition to the amount of the rental costs, this is a most important decision criterion for students in the choice of new accommodation.

Germany Housing Rentals

The rents in Germany are rising rapidly. Anyone looking for an apartment today in popular cities such as Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, pays more than one who moved out from this apartment 30 per cent often. But even those who hold to their apartment, have to pay more and more – of course in the context of the statutory provisions. She led so far that Bild Zeitung the note in the discussion brought the Berlin last year, that it previously only once properly should be, the Terminal rental look like the, before you carelessly announces his apartment. Even if you think that you could improve due to a larger salary.

This is new territory for many Berliners. In some metropolitan areas, the so-called passing rents were raised on average in the past five years by more than ten percent. Rising energy costs, which are caused by the drastic increase of power to be added. Nevertheless, one can say that the ratio of demand to the purchase price, for example, by Apartments are still in a healthy relationship is. Traffic lights to green are provided for investors and it shows actually increasing the proportion of capital investment condos in total sales,”explains Jens Behre by CSM conqueror sales & marketing, who have taken over the public sales of the real estate fund for euro Grundinvest. With these investors can benefit from the business model of euro Grundinvest.

Because the Munich-based real estate company refinanced via the capital market and provides yields that are significantly above market level. Not by chance, but due to the extensive experience euro Grundinvest has focuses on the real estate market of Munich and whose Bacon belt. This, although self-appointed experts have pointed out again and again that Munich had arrived with regard to his improvement at the zenith. Looks the reality seems different: for a cheap apartment in the Glockenbachviertel, 125 were a few days ago Munich in the snow and cold in a snake, to wait for a visit. Pictures that know older Munich from the post-war period. An affordable apartment in the popular Bavarian metropolis is a rarity, a luxury. Ballot, the candidate can hope now on an 80-square meter apartment with three rooms. With a price of 652 euros the apartment with parquet is a patron a true bargain in the landlord either or ignorant. Because such flats go for double the price to tenants in the metropolis. Please visit Greg Williamson if you seek more information. So it is not surprising, if currently for Munich again to new record highs at the purchase prices of homes are reported. One square metre property, whether old or new, euros 3.767,38 according to DTI Small trend indicator in the cut. These are 11 percent more than a year ago. At the upper end of the price range: proud 7.279,–euro. One-third of all tenants considered therefore the move to a cheaper apartment this is stipulated in a recent study of the Suddeutsche Zeitung quoted. Especially the high Expenses for electricity and heating large concern to residents. Many people hope seems to be able to meet the rising costs with the change in a (still) more favorable neighborhood. As a result, the suburbs are becoming increasingly attractive. This potential has already recognized years ago the euro Grundinvest group and is actively working to promote the economic prosperity of the region. So, the company invested in projects in Abu Dhabi, Dachau and Gilching and here enjoys a fascinating paragraph.

High Quality Housing

High-quality housing for senior citizens in the attractive Frankfurtriedberg In the ambitious Frankfurt-Riedberg occur in Central and at the same time natural location exclusive condominiums for seniors. The modern equipment, sophisticated concept and the ideal infrastructure attract equally self users and investors. The Rhine-main residence of Ried mountain is part of the living concept 50 plus”by cousin & partners real estate. The condos allow retirees and professionals from 50 years an active and independent life in old age. Read additional details here: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. All apartments of the Rhine main residence of the 2-bedroom apartment up to the 5-bedroom penthouse, are step-free and wheelchair and feature modern furnishings with elegant ambience: electric shutters, walk-in spacious shower trays, video intercom, parquet floors, balcony or terrace and lifts from the parking garage up in each floor of the House. Generous Community spaces such as fireplace, library, wellness area with sauna, relaxation area and fitness equipment as well as an outdoor unit with large terrace and arbours noticeably raise the standard of living and allow a varied get-together.

There are two separate guest apartments available for overnight guests. If necessary, the Church resident of the House supports the residents of the small everyday things as well as larger problems. Again moving is therefore usually not necessary. The ideal infrastructure ensures maximum independence and offers a variety of leisure activities: a shopping mall is located in close proximity to a new subway line in Frankfurt’s city centre, a medical supply center, Cafes and restaurants, cultural activities and more,. The Goethe University allows senior citizens to educate themselves to their interests.

The ideal infrastructure combines with a natural location in Frankfurt-Riedberg: over one-third of the total area is made up of parks and green spaces. The apartments are at the end of the year 2011 be ready for occupancy. The payment of the purchase price upon completion can be done upon request. Investors benefit from the long term rental of condos and above-average payment morale of the inhabitants: the age 50 plus is one of the most reliable tenants at all. This crisis-proof and inflation-protected investment among the plant concept yield 50 plus”by cousin & partners real estate more attractive housing for senior citizens in the Rhine-main area includes. Vetter & partner marketed real estate based in Dreieich high quality residential properties in selected locations in the Rhine-main area for over 20 years. The company is known for its sophisticated concepts in the area of housing for senior citizens. Customer consultants are all experienced banking and real estate merchants.

Munchen Obergiesing

Sales of condominiums in Giesing increases, particularly the acquisition of new housing boomed in 2010. History: Giesing was first mentioned in the year 790 for the first time. Due to the proximity of the city of Munich Giesing became a shelter for day laborers, who had no right of abode in the city in the middle ages. 1818 Giesing is part of an independent municipality and 1854 at Munich. The Giesing district was divided in 1936 in Obergiesing and Untergiesing-Harlaching. Approximately 48,000 inhabitants live in Munchen Obergiesing, 16% are older than 65 years, 1,800 are unemployed.

The structural appearance of non-uniformly represents in Obergiesing. Single family homes, as well as small settlements on the one, multi storey flats/apartment buildings on the other side. Untergiesing-Harlaching has today about 48,000 residents, Untergiesing alone approximately 35,000 inhabitants. Objects in Giesing are usually advertised under lower and Obergiesing according to real estate agents in Munich. For this reason is also a separate consideration. In the area of Houses purchases there in Obergiesing year 2011 a total of 60 deals in Ludwigsvorstadt, 106.

Villas and Semidetached houses in a price range between approximately euro 600.000,-& 900.000,-were the bulk of the houses offers in Obergiesing. Untergiesing, however, the residential buildings were considerably more expensive. There they found prices of approximately EUR 750.000,-to EUR 1.800.000,-. All pricing information referred to here in the article it is mean and about prices, to enable a simplified representation. 20 villas and bungalows in a price range from an average 3.000.000,-euros was found in Ludwigsvorstadt. It is striking that in the high-priced market segment, the private deals are rare or non-existent and the real estate agent from greater Munich dominate this segment of the market. According to Rainer Fischer, real estate agent from Munich Neuhausen most sites under top and Untergiesing are not advertised in the condominiums, under the”umbrella” Giesing.