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January Hospitals

The hospitals of solidarity into account Peru Dr. Luis Rubio, who on 3 January 2003, at 5 in the morning rang his cell phone if? it was the flamboyant Mayor of Lima!, Dr. Luis Castaneda lossio and called him to invite him to visit a warehouse of old buses at this time?…Yes at that hour!, at 6 am they were both in an old barn of the municipality of Lima and the Mayor told him Dr. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is full of insight into the issues. Rubio use these abandoned buses to provide medical care to popular sectors what? but? Without ifs and buts Doctor. , You have all the support of the municipality of Metropolitan Lima!-Dr. Rubio, medical, plastic surgeon, took a deep breath and accepted! I had the experience of the hospitals of campaign of the IPSS, which had been Director, recalled that he was a member of the feisty and combative XV promotion of Medicine of the Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, surrounded himself with skilled professionals, dressed of courage and relying on the infrastructure of the capital municipality gave life to the system Metropolitan of solidarity SISOL-, starting its activities one warm morning of April was the year 2003, 21 old buses, dressed in gala woke up in the District of independence in cone North of the city, on land provided by the municipality of the district, behind lengthy days and nights working and tensions and to the general expectation of the village which contemplated engrossed to the old buses remaining ENATRU before carrying passengers, now rather than drivers and conductors had doctors and nurses, instead of passengers now patients had what is this?, some disbelievers thought into a farce, some pessimists thought in a fiasco, some malicious thought in a populist political strategy but Veritas felia temporis (the truth is daughter of time), the first month had registered 45,000 queries!, at 10 months had registered a million medical attentions! success was overwhelming work everyday, self-sacrificing, anonymous its first fruits harvested! And he opened the door to new and immense responsibilities, challenges and dreams also multiplied the problems, haunted the Medical Association, the public prosecutor, public prosecutor’s Office, health addresses did not understand solidarity hospitals but finally the sovereign Court of the people spoke and decided to! and there are the hospitals of solidarity, attending massively popular segments and the Lima middle class.