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Great Tribulao

Who is lined up with the bedding of the apstolos, knows perfectly that, before Christ, God it did not send no Messias, and after it no more it would have of being sent. Christ is the only Messias, already he came and already in them he announced the only way that leads to the truth and the life. Therefore, the New Age is announcing the coming of the Antichrist, which is, for them, the Messias, as they also believe the Jews. The divine patience God has disclosed its immense patience with the children of the devil, that has transformed the truth into lie and the lie in truth. Thus twisting the Sacred Holy Writs, they according to announce that it can have union between all the religions, millenarian and malignant principle of that all and any religion is in search of the same deity. For such leaders, what it interests is to keep and to increase its religious-politician-economic power. However, all that one that it persists in obeying the Holy Writs, knows that this great mass of Christians-evanglicos is serving of mass of maneuver at the hands of the devil and being lead for the Great Tribulao.O sky he is ecumenical? It is much ignorance Biblical to find that opposing elements can coexist of harmonic form in the celestial Kingdom. If God already placed 1/3 of the angels for is of its kingdom because they had followed the rebellion of the Satan, is well clearly that It will not allow the entrance of new devils in the sky. To coexist of pacific form with the contrary it is order of the Evangelho and we must obey this rule piously.