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Compulsory Education

Water "holy" water (the burned hydrogen) has as well, and all other substances own physical properties. Estee Lauder understood the implications. These properties differ slightly on what kind of water in accordance with the isotope number of the elements of its sostavlyayuschih.Ya mean different water Ditery, Tritium, etc …. Besides properties vary on the degree of mineralization temperatures. Different water are mixed in different proportions to one another and from these proportions also depend properties of liquids (water). Conditions under which the change of water properties can be listed endlessly and they probably still do not know everything so we will not do, and talk about some mystical properties attributed to water in recent years about the "memory". For even more opinions, read materials from Greg Williamson. But before you start to give a brief evaluation of the community of people, which we now live. The economic crisis led to the disintegration of the country has lasted two decades (thank god seems to end!).

Compulsory secondary education aside, the higher education pay, teachers are not prestigious (low pay). All institutes economics departments (need the money bankers someone to save!) funded science is bad. And then there was the idea of building communism, utopia … and that society finally collapsed, with no social foundations, the government turned its gaze to the church as on the shelf – bullet, removed all restrictions that were re-established religious holidays. Well, we come to the water, namely, the ritual bathing in the hole at the celebration of the "Baptism." And now it's fashionable, it's a real show (Entertainment).

Exam Preparation

Everyone once handed over, or will take the test, from which to some extent depends on his fate. The most frostbitten Pofigists unlikely to want to fall in the session and depart from the university, or graduated from school with poor certificate – so that the exam is always an event. And how to prepare for it and how it will be better to think in advance. Usually in the middle of the session on training is given 3-4 days. Try to finish all of the second half the last of them to the evening, and especially the night before the exam to be free.

Well relax and have fun at this time, and possibly throw away from the head of all thoughts about the subject. Does not need to lectures, textbooks, etc. continued to spin in your head and at rest. Do not be afraid to forget something important: human memory, if properly used, very firmly holds the information. Even if at the end training you are already tired, it begins to seem that – oh the horror! – You do not remember this or that, do not rush to repeat all over again. Benefit from this would not you just get tired and more nervous. Go quietly having fun or sleeping. On the morning of the exam quickly review the main points of the material – and from the depths of your memory all resurface. Of course, it happens that the amount of material is too big – God forbid manage to top exam, not that for a half-day to him! The best thing you can advise – do not fall into that situation.

Practical Science

Socionics – the science that studies the psychology of which is responsible for the exchange of information between people and the outside world. Why need a man Socionics? First of all, to realize their potential in different kinds of activity. Understanding the process of self-awareness contributes to Socionics. Secondly, Socionics allows us to understand behavior of others, how to avoid conflict situations, how to establish contact with the man with the 'other world '. Third, knowledge of Socionics allows a person to choose an area of activity in which he found most comfortable and work. Socionics helps you to organize personal and business contacts. Socionics allows determine the propensity of people to their ability in any sphere of life, to predict the folding relations between them, as well as to understand the laws by which the whole functioning of our society. For those unfamiliar, or not much familiar with socionics important to understand: Do not take Socionics as a kind of rigid separation, and the descriptions TIMov and recommendations – as something that you should be 100% true.

In fact, it may be so, but can go a different way (for TIM – This is only a "skeleton", people – more than the TIM, each person has a superstructure of education, life experience, the influence of the environment, and much more). Socionics – Practical Science. Understand her better, watching people, for their reactions and behavior in different situations. It takes time. Out to accept himself as a representative of a certain Tim also takes time. The fact that two seemingly dissimilar people are members of the same TIM – quite natural. Apples also are very different – red, green, red and green, sizes, etc. But they all belong to the class "apples" instead of pears. With long-term monitoring of people (if there is little interest in Socionics, the observation will take place by itself) you will see some general tendencies in some people.