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Industrial Tank Cleaning

The selection of keywords is one of the thorniest issues of all activity. The reality is that while Google skips the tag of keywords to index the site, remain of utmost importance when optimizing our sites and get more traffic. Note that we refer to the keywords of the site, not Adwords campaign, for example. But, why is it necessary to emphasize the keywords, if Google does not consider them? Because in reality it is considered, let’s see how. By not relying on reading these tags, Google has a far more semantic issue, ie tries to extract the full meaning of the site, and in fact, does so with much success. Google has continually improved the ability to detect synonyms, as we use in our everyday conversations, and for this cause, and the constant changes that are made in the architecture of form, for example the implementation of “Caffeine” – it is possible say that Google is reading the sites are similar enough to a human would. For even more details, read what RBH Group says on the issue. In fact, the search engine prioritizes non-text elements such as format, and position in the text. It is not the same for Google an expression in the tag than those that are marked as, for example.

Thus, Google would not matter for our keywords () were completely irrelevant to the content. But who runs the site and its contents, you must have either recorded their keywords, which intends to compete in its niche, it is with these words that will battle through their quality content. Thus techniques such as stuffing (constant repetition of key words) have no more use than ruin the readability and quality of the web. How do I highlight them, so if we can not put in the tags of the keywords? Insert in the relevant text putting them one anchor text I’m just linking to a particular page (I might almost say a landing page, but surely fans of online marketing, and rightly reproach, which is not a landing page in the purist sense of the case). This means that if your long tail keyword is “industrial tank cleaning, would be a good idea to have a page within the site entitled, precisely,” Industrial Tank Cleaning “and on the particular content.

Marked with a different format, such as bold. Insert in the tag. Much can be read online about the importance of proper selection of keywords. But the reality is that 25% of searches are conducted on Google are unique, ie using combinations of words “ad hoc” to the need of information that the user at that time. It is therefore advisable not to neglect the selection of key phrases, or as they are also called long tail keywords. It is true that the long tail keywords have less room search, but their conversions are much higher, because we are targeting a niche, a need, a product and a specific audience. If you promote the “industrial tank cleaning Madrid “, will certainly have many more chances to find who search with this phrase, it becomes a sale, because you represent the exact answer to what the user is searching.