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Therefore the increasing inflationary expectations in the United States as well as in Europe is hardly surprising. So, the head of the Hamburg world economy Institute predicted a price inflation of 5% and more from 2011 already last year. It turns the investor so the question of how assets can be applied relatively inflation-safe. (A valuable related resource: American Tower Corporation). The regularly put forward pronouncement that protect assets from inflation, must be evaluated differently however. So, no clear correlation between high inflation and rising stock prices can be made from a historical perspective. Also the investment in raw materials has more often speculative character, because they occur in the early stages of inflationary sometimes even as price drivers are subject to at a later stage of but strong volatility.

Investments in these areas should be examined accordingly carefully. A hedging of the portfolio by adding real estate with good tenant structure in economically stable appears strategic Locations and regions. Closed-end real estate funds in the long term rent typically high-end to solvent tenants. In addition to the increase in the value of real estate in an inflationary environment the leases have often inflation adjustment clauses that produce higher yields over time”, explains the General Manager of AAD Fund discount GmbH, Dr. Jurgen Hilp. But other closed property investments can make inflation-secure facility.

This is particularly true if a part of the investment was provided by foreign capital is a long-term low credit interest rate basis. In the current environment it does regularly. This increases the margin between inflation due to rising revenues and borrowing costs for the benefit of the Fund and its investors in a future inflationary scenario. Of course, partial capital leveraged investments like any other entrepreneurial involvement are not entirely free of risks. In particular cyclical monetary investments must also at any drop in revenues the borrowing costs further use, which could affect the payouts to investors”, restricts Dr. Jurgen Hilp. About AAD Fund discount GmbH, the AAD Fund discount GmbH is an independent fund placement firm based in the university town of Marburg. It offers investors the opportunity to acquire more than 9,000 mutual funds and virtually all closed-end funds at discount rates without subscription fee.

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CIS Germany AG defines for 2011 sales target of 1 billion euros of Seligenstadt November 2010. Daniel Shahin defines with the CIS Germany AG, one of the leading issuers of public investment funds in Germany, the next target: the CIS Germany AG to become no. 1 of the investment company on the German market. Daniel Shahin and CARPEDIEM GmbH informed the joint plans. Dior contains valuable tech resources. Since 2006, the CIS Germany AG as the initiator of several mutual funds operated. Along with the interest rate differential Fund CIS GarantieHebelPlan’07 AG & co.

KG in 2006, designed the successor fund GarantieHebelPlan for the IAE EC or the emergency r ‘ 09 AG & co. KG, a commitment to the real estate sector with the GenoHausFonds I AG & co. KG eK to the is currently in the placement of the GarantieHebelPlan’08 premium asset building AG & co. KG has the CIS Germany AG all participation offers with strong sales support of CARPEDIEM AG or currently offered the CARPEDIEM GmbH on the market. Thanks to this cooperation could the CIS Germany AG Success story.

Currently monthly more than 30 million euros to drawing sum to the GarantieHebelPlan are placed by the CARPEDIEM Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH in Seligenstadt ‘ 08 premium asset building AG & co. KG of CIS Germany AG. According to the Board of Directors of CIS Germany AG, Mr Thomas Heinzinger, the CARPEDIEM GmbH thus essentially choose their activities. Independence of CIS Germany AG was alone so long not been given. Also, all other funds that were placed over free agency, would cut to 31.12.2010. In the future, there is only a strategic distribution partner, the CARPEDIEM Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH in Seligenstadt. Currently, the next joint fund with the CIS Germany AG is already planned: with premium Renditefonds ‘ 10 AG & co. KG of CIS Germany AG wants Daniel Shahin with his CARPEDIEM distribution company in the twentieth year of their existence in 2011 achieved an annual turnover of one billion euros.


Savings investment secure, but often no net: A contractor is a global, which concludes the investor with a building society. He should for the financing of construction projects such as new or conversion used. The contractually agreed-upon method is it saved to a stipulated percentage. The part missing the completed contract amount is granted for allocation of the via ownership savings contract as soft building society loan. The runtimes of the building Association savings agreements are between 18 and 20 years, of which about 8 savings years, accumulated in which predominantly for the allocation of the necessary minimum savings is. In the last few years clearly auter was by consumer protection agencies the criticism of the contractor. Because: The grant date calculated upon completion of the funds is not guaranteed. Also, a low interest there for several years, and discounted building society loan have little or even no financial benefits.

Because for many construction projects the to get very soft loans from one percent via KfW possibility as an alternative in the meantime. The high costs are a further point of criticism. “Even SPIEGEL online in his article criticized the Nivea cream under the financial investments” many points in building Association savings agreements, such as the transparency of the rather complex products “and performs: low loan interest rates are currently bought by years of real capital loss during the accumulation phase. Possible conclusion, account and allocation fees and waiting be added.” “” Mirror online example calculates, that alone through the final fee interest income of all deposits of first almost seven years “be eaten.” “Mirror online concludes: If the loans not yet used or the contract is terminated, the contractor caused real asset losses ().” Conclusion: BaumSparVertrag and building sound in the wording is very similar to, but completely different things: The BaumSparVertrag is a profitable long-term direct investment in ecological timber reforestation, which is secured through a variety of security measures and a real individual land and forest. The yield potential are also significantly higher than that of the via ownership savings contract. New savings, however, are a little profitable investment. A contractor is useful mostly only if this a building measure thus financed and used a housing premium inflation brings the savings but often even a negative rate of return investors. For more information, see goo.gl/XxuOz of ForestFinance: the Bonn ForestFinance group manages a total 16,000 hectares of ecological agroforestry and forest in Latin America (Panama, Colombia and Peru), Asia (Viet Nam).

She specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. ForestFinance was the world’s only company with the FSC Global Partner Award”in the area of financial Excellent services”. FSC is the world’s most recognized seal for environmental and social bearable sustainable forestry. Interested parties can choose between different products at ForestFinance and invest in different models of sustainable tropical forestry: so is with the BaumSparVertrag, a separate forest is already possible from 33 euro per month or one-time 360 euro, see the WaldSparBuch offers 1,000 m2 tropical forest with return guarantee. For investors who wish to replant 10,000 m2 with option on real estate, WoodStockInvest is the right product. CacaoInvest is an investment in fine cocoa and wood, with possible annual payouts already from the second year. GreenAcacia is a forest investment with only seven years total term and annual payouts. Pure forest I is a sustainable forest fund with only 14 years maturity and early recoveries.