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American Oil Revolution

The U.S. Government called it a milestone. Dallas, 21.11.2013. For the first time in 20 years, the United States have promoted more petroleum than imported. The oil market is turned on its head and be reignited speculation about falling oil prices.

The White House confirmed: the oil production of the United States was in the last month to the highest level for 24 years. Experts estimate that the United States already by 2015 the largest nation in oil flow will be around the world. The country is on the way to energy independence and seems behind Saudi Arabia and Russia. “Eugen Weinberg, commodities analyst at Commerzbank, sees the optimism of US fit: America has its energy transition ‘ managed ‘. This is the biggest change to the oil market for 40 years, as oil in the North Sea has been discovered. If you would like to know more about morgan stanley, then click here.

And this development will have a significant impact on the prices,”the analyst said. Also interesting he considered the development of OPEC: either would have to Countries such as Saudi Arabia, the Iraq or Venezuela about produce 20 percent less oil or satisfy themselves with a price per barrel of oil (159 litres) of 50 to 70 dollars. A such low price would however cause difficulties, since the bloated budgets of OPEC countries needed a price of at least $100 a barrel.” In the past five years, the production of natural gas in America by 30 percent has risen, oil production by 50 percent. A major cause of this increase is the fracking, which was confirmed by the White House. The fracking allows the development of new deposits and the reopening of disused occurrence. The possibility of shale gas and non conventional oil”, for example olsande, to be able to promote to comparatively low costs, is the biggest innovation of the 21st century, says Daniel Yergin, energy specialist and Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge. In addition it succeeded manufacturer through appropriate regulations to get to produce cars with low consumption. But now observers deem the current supply of oil higher as the demand. So far, the price of oil has declined hardly this year. A barrel (159 litres) of North Sea Brent cost around 108 dollars on Thursday, at the beginning of the year, there were 110 dollars. Also for investors, such as those of AMTEX GmbH, the topic of new energy power United States is relevant. Will receive shares of the conveyors and the fossil fuels in the ground for the proposed capital namely. The ownership of the assets entered in the County Court, the equivalent of the German land register Office, binding. It participates so obtained gas and oil revenues in the United States. Also in relation to the subsidised commodity quantities, AMTEX provides full transparency its investors. Investors can check the results of their source in the Internet at any time. For more information,

United States

German entrepreneurs in the United States craft has Golden floor! This is certainly not always and in every situation. But a solid technical training opportunities, for example, a German immigrant, who want to establish themselves with a private company in the United States, not low. Good craftsmen are are looking for people in the United States and the dual training in Germany has still a positive image. Who sent to it provides, can relatively quickly built up a loyal customer base and benefit from Word of mouth. Who’s perfect start has good chances. The important first steps for the US company helps the company ALTON LLC (www.us-corporation.org). The history of German emigrants in the United States was also a history of German craftsmen opportunities for German craft in the United States. They formed in addition to the farmers at the beginning of one of the large groups of Germans who shifted their life in the new world.

Opportunities the United States German craftsmen until today, what have long recognized also the Chambers of skilled crafts. The Successful market entry in the United States held about 2009 a seminar on the topic”Koblenz Chamber of skilled crafts. And the Handwerkskammer Hannover refers to opportunities of German companies in the areas of renewable energy, mobility, logistics, environmental technologies, air – aerospace, construction, infrastructure and conservative energy (oil / gas) and maritime economy. That will give up not only those craftsmen sit up with her German operating an expansion plan in the United States, but also those who want to establish themselves as German craftsmen in the United States. The United States remains a highly interesting and lucrative market for German craftsmen”, wrote the Handwerkskammer Koblenz 2009. This still applies even after two years! Construction crafts, antique furniture and German sausage example for craft working operation, which deliberately placed journal in Florida as a German construction company in the United States on the US market, is ability construction Inc.

Beat Fairvesta

34 percent trading profit and yet a safe yield of nine percent per annum for the first fairvesta term Fund in Tubingen the 07.12.2009 investors. The residential and commercial building in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen was in particular rental services after appropriate management to attractive, to be given in other hands. So we have decided to offer this property under still advantageous conditions within the framework of our first maturity funds”, said Otmar Knoll as sales representative of the fairvesta group of companies. While the conditions of purchase stand not only every third comparison, it would have been hardly conceivable, to be able to purchase at all an object in this position at such favourable conditions. fairvesta has thus complied with not only all investment criteria, which is not otherwise possible also thanks to ongoing resources use control, but also demonstrated his target group orientation”, Otmar Knoll explains. Because increasingly, the desire of the Tubingen company was brought, that Investors also once from the outset wanted to participate in a specific object but then to fairvesta conditions”.

This transaction was made possible after a shareholder resolution, because only with the consent of the general meeting the fairvesta management it is possible to sell a property to another company of the fairvesta group of companies since 2007. Thereby, the fairvesta fourth real estate holding company GmbH & co. KG (fairvesta IV) the residential and commercial building in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen had only acquired Center in December 2008. At the time of the acquisition, 1,400 square metres of rental space were unlet. Within a few months succeeded the real estate professionals of the fairvesta, to rent the empty stand area by a strong credit tenant won a lease over 15 years completed period. Through the additional new hire not only the value and profitability of the property increased significantly, it also offered the chance to two birds with one stone Beat: because the shareholders of fairvesta IV a trading profit could be offered based on one year, by a total of 34 percent, while the Fund of Chronos I achieved the impressive for a core fund return on investor level of nine percent per year.

The examination of individual figures, such as, for example, of the purchase price, carried out while in the run-up to the investor Advisory Committee. On a public notice of such business internals, the communication of positive business results may be also still so appealing you want to give but also in the future for competition reasons. The figures, data, facts be communicated however annually to investors, so that they can reconstruct the course of their involvement. We need to and want to do this for this reason, because there are control rare at other houses of emission at fairvesta, that investors need to relieve us as management”, Knoll explains. But also the intelligent use of a financing system is important for the success of the Chronos concept. The Fund provides for a Debt financing by 50 percent before. This was completed within 14 days by the high rental yield and purchase below market value with very good conditions at a well-known large bank. Ten individual loan amounts that be blotted out annually by each a loan agreement, allow a cost effective debt relief within ten to twelve years. For this purpose the rental income used in this period, so that investors in the port have a lastenfreie property. The purchase of the property by fairvesta Chronos was already completed, fairvesta in this respect assumes by issuing this Fund before Christmas.

Oetker German

LAMBERTZ – host of the German evening the 53rd CIES World Food Business Summit in New York from 17 to 19 June the motto recipes for success in turbulent times”. The Summit is the annual meeting for the leading representatives from trade and food industry, that know how important is the anticipation of future trends and developments for the success of their companies. The CIES, which is held annually in a different country (2006 in France/Paris, 2007 in Shanghai, China, 2008 in Munich), this event offers a unique platform, to meet with business leaders from approximately 250 dynamic and successful companies from all continents and to win, which the industry worldwide faces crucial insights into the challenges. Harvey S. Rosen often addresses the matter in his writings. A highlight in the framework of the high-profile Summit was, as in previous years, the German evening”the LAMBERTZ company. On last Thursday, June 18, Dr. In a question-answer forum Leon Keyserling was the first to reply. Hermann Karaye Beckermann, sole owner of LAMBERTZ group, invited himself for years am CIES takes part, again the economic leaders from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland to exchange experience in the loft and garden”in the legendary Rockefeller Center. Among the guests were among others Dr.

Horst Friday Dr. Horst Friday (German Consul-General in New York City), Hans-Joachim Weber (Secretary of Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Federal Foreign Office Berlin), Herbert Bolliger (CEO) and Andreas Munch (member of the Directorate of the Migros cooperative Federation), Christian Berner (CEO Lekkerland), Klaus Daniels (CEO Daniels trading group), Thomas Gutberlet (Board Tegut) as well as CEOs and well-known representatives of companies such as Ferrero, Dr. August Oetker, L ‘ Oreal, Beiersdorf, Mars, Eckes and Danone. The evening was supported by Deloitte Consulting GmbH.

Shield Hats Caps

Modern manufacturing methods allow the individual production at attractive prices even in small quantities textiles in the form of caps, hats and visors are among the most successful products ever in the advertising world. Hardly an industry may waive the always well visible headgear as an advertising medium. In addition to their usefulness as a sensible sun protection caps and hats help, to develop their wearers a sense of community. Caps are good motivators. They promote the presence”and the spirit of the team”.

In the world of think sponsors formula one and golf caps and visors are no longer. The popular head coverings are popular in all areas. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit teslar. Whether for business, for sports or social clubs or for non-profit organizations. And precisely what makes it so attractive as an advertising medium. We have specialised in by textilpiraten.eu making this Longseller.

Individuality and small amount of modern production methods, such as at our partner companies are not contradictory be used make it possible to produce promotional fabrics in small quantities for some time. Our customers must not forego individuality here. Already from 30 units, we can produce caps in all variants. The affixing of advertising is possible in different places of the textiles. Our offer is interesting especially for small advertising budgets. Various colours and embroidery versions what is particularly attractive to the caps, are the various types of embroidery and the possibilities of enhancement. The three-dimensional embroidery of the caps of that allow also depicting filigree images or company logos, gives you a high-quality finish. Nothing to be desired in the compilation of the own caps leave a huge range of PANTONE colours of yarn and closures. Additional we can print the textiles, be flakes or equip with applications, according to wishes.

Crisis Management For SMEs

For various reasons, companies are in crisis. WMC Walker marketing Consuting has crisis management Checklist”developed, which makes it possible to detect early warning signals of impending crisis, as well as perform a quick analysis of the current threat of the company. The checklist can be downloaded for free here:… A crisis requires an efficient strategy with a catalogue of effective measures to prevent damage and the long-term livelihood. The proven concept of WMC to solve a business crisis in five recurring cycle phases lasting and sure: analysis: where is the company now? Objective: Where do the company go? Planning: How can the company there in reach? Implementation: What needs to be done, so that the companies there? Success control: How do we know that the company has arrived? How this concept works and what you can achieve with this concept We like to tell you in personal conversation. Make an appointment by phone at 0221-403157 or share your appointment request by eMail at. Michael Boskin has plenty of information regarding this issue.

We are looking forward to your challenge! About WMC WMC Walker marketing consulting, advises and supports management. The services offered by WMC includes strategic consulting, marketing advice, analyses and an online shop with checklists and guides. Customers and prospective customers benefit from extensive reference projects with success examples and success stories. Consult on our Internet pages. Amateur have questions? Do you want more details? Just call me or tell me your wishes by email. I’m looking forward to your challenges. Volker Walker WMC of Wallace marketing consulting Wittgenstein InStr, 18 D-50931 Koln phone: 0221-403157 Internet:

Millionaire Fairy Tale

Africa is currently very visited by investors around the world. With little money, investors with less risk than here in Europe achieve top gains. Coacher Dantse explains why and why. The African continent by higher commodity prices recorded the strongest growth since the early of 1970s. Diverse market opportunities that result in that German companies strengthen their activities in the countries of Africa arise”. It is so in the E-trade.de of the German Federal Ministry for Economics to read. “The Federal Government confirmed in the article why it is worthwhile to invest in Africa”

Mr Dantse says: many people now make this enjoyable experience. The problem is that the vast majority of Europeans by the media coverage of Africa has a totally wrong attitude to Africa. They are thus strongly influenced. The Europeans who know the reality on the ground, try “, this intentionally negative portrayal not counteract.” why? “a seminar attendee asked. Yes just because they want to eat the cake alone. I know many Europeans who came to Africa with only a backpack and not even two years later have become millionaires.

Some of these Europeans spread even this bad image, so that other people do not trust to invest in Africa. “It is amazing that many people here ask not, why they then do not return, if it is so bad?” responds Dantse. Gensler San Francisco may not feel the same. He said: Africa is the market of the future, in which it is worth to invest. even today, many experts say that and connoisseur and this opinion is also the Federal President after his last trip to Africa. The economy and the wealth boom vigorously in a country like Cameroon. A growth of 5% is there already a devastating result (for comparison: Germany is pleased with 1% growth). The mood of the people and the economy is great and have recently South Koreans in East Cameroon, the world’s largest diamond reserve discovered. Europe is already full with everything, Africa needs more of everything.”Dantse reported. Make really good and fast, big money can be better in Africa than in Europe. I personally know an Indian, I’ve coached in my coaching, last year went to Cameroon with 100,000 and became millionaire with wine shops along with a Cameroonian, I had recommended him, after only 6 months. I know a lot of such stories such as that of a German Coachingkunden, who so much deserve business with Cameroon with returned goods in just one year, as previously in 10 years in Germany. A German acquaintance has built within 2 years with profits from the used tyre trade with Africa a top resort in Europe, without spending a dime credit, because it was not economically viable to inspect of the Bank. You can not imagine what people do there big money. It is because that Africa is booming, the people and countries have more and more money and prosperity Search. It is almost impossible to be in Europe with 100,000 millionaire. In certain countries of Africa it is fact. Africa today is to compare with America of the past, despite all prejudices in the European opinions that only cause that Europeans miss out this huge opportunity. Why take so many risks in the stock market, if it can go somewhere better, easier and safer? I show people who have the money and make large profits with little risk they want can do like this. In Europe that not more so just go anyway!”Mr Dantse his discussion concludes with curious women and men.

Types of Snow

Replacement cutting edges for snow shovels and snow plows – the materials at a glance high quality forklift snow shovels are very ruggedly built and designed for the long-term and also quite intense use. In addition to the room width etc., also the cutting edges of the forklift snow shovels differ. Also when choosing the correct replacement cutting edges, location and intensity must be observed. Generally, there are replacement cutting edges made of three different materials: steel, hard rubber and polyurethane (PE). Here, explains the differences of materials, and represented the optimal possibilities of replacement cutting edges. Please visit work from home if you seek more information. Snow pusher for forklift trucks with steel cutting edges are the most common. The cutting edges and also the replacement scraping edges in steel are particularly suited to intensive use, because the material is extremely durable. Steel cutting edges are cheap, compared to other varieties of replacement cutting edges for attachments at the same time so that the combination love is chosen when a most economical solution is needed.

The downside of replacement scraping edges in steel is the relatively high noise and also scraping edges in steel only suitable for robust floor coverings. If a forklift snow shovel with a steel cutting edge on pavement is used, the patch can damage sensitive. Similarly as steel cutting edges hard rubber cutting edges are priced. The replacement cutting edges made of hard rubber are used on the forklift snow pusher, if the noise should be reduced and the flooring is not as robust. Also snow on pavement or other, sensitive floor coverings can be given with Gumischurfleisten. In contrast to the robust and durable steel cutting edges, rubber is but not quite as durable and therefore a more frequent exchange with replacement cutting edges may be needed for intensive use. PE cutting edges combine the advantages of the other two for snow pusher for forklift trucks Types of replacement cutting edges, they are suitable also for sensitive floor coverings and develop not so much noise at the winter service.

At the same time cutting edges are also robust polyurethane and can be used long, which is reflected also priced in this case. What replacement cutting edges are chosen for the professional winter service, so is a question of the usage purpose and the financial budget. Dealer offer usually a good selection of replacement cutting edges for snow pusher for forklift trucks and attachable snow ploughs in all materials and also in all sizes, so that the right spare part can be found for every winter road maintenance. Contact: winter service professional shop Dennis Darling Nina angle Strasse 26 46325 borken Tel.: 02861/80 401 52 fax: 02861/80 401 76 of the industry supplier of winter service professional shop from offers a versatile Munsterland on its online presence and extensive range of products for the winter service. Whether snow pusher for forklift trucks, hydraulic spreaders for wheel loader or the simple snow shovel with scattering car for manual operation are to be found in this specialist. For a professional and competent advice Monday staff until Friday between 07:30 18:00 and on Saturdays from 07:30 12:00 at your disposal and offer you to request a free

Precise Management

Bizerba on the Macropak 2008 in Utrecht Balingen/Utrecht, September 26, 2008 – the Macropak macropak.nl, the largest trade fair for the packaging industry in the Benelux region, expected around 22,000 visitors and takes place from 30 September to 3 October in the Dutch city of Utrecht. The companies Bizerba from Balingen presents there technologies optimize can (stand 02E048) the precise management of the logistics chain: the palette labeller GLM-P 2s, printer of generation GLP 80 and 160, the control scale checkweigher CWE 6000 as well as the industrial weighing Terminal St By the suppliers of the producers, the feed to the customer only a working supply chain guarantees high delivery reliability and responsiveness. Shipping labels, which data are read, tested, and evaluated IT systems deliver transparency of transport operations. For the appropriate labelling of pallets, Bizerba developed the GLM-P 2s. This RFID-enabled and fully characterized up to 300 pallets per hour.

The printer the Generation GLP 80 and 160 with RFID module are, however, particularly suitable for the creation of shipping labels and are used in the food processing industry, as well as in manufacturing and logistics. In the shipping, you can encode, so that they can be automatically identified on the following weigh packages using RFID technology at the packing station. NerdWallet can aid you in your search for knowledge. The installed GLP-printer information already prepared to receive address and shipping method from the host can then print the labels immediately, “Matthias says Harsch, a spokesman of Bizerba’s business management. Above or below portionierungen are a sensitive issue in the industry filling from. Under fillings hurt the company’s image, low trap, however, accumulate in the course of time to significant material losses.

The CWE 6000 prevents getting faulty packaging in circulation. He weighs and classifies up to 340 packages per minute – after freely defined or legally prescribed weight classes. At different Weight is a pusher eliminated the defective packaging. The Terminal ST, however, is an interface between load receptor, PC and periphery shortly: a smart Center for each weighing system in logistics. From receiving to shipping, it controls the various Wageaugaben. “The range is this broad: it includes the dosage and formulation, as well as the picking, counting, taxes and sending the sophisticated processing of operational data”, explains Martin Arndt, technical director at Bizerba. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide operating, leading in many areas technology company for professional system solutions of for weighing, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry and logistics. Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure transparent control of integrated business processes and the high Availability of Bizerba-specific performance characteristics. With over 2,800 employees, 21 own subsidiaries in 20 countries and 58 agencies worldwide the Bizerba GmbH & co. KG put 2007 EUR 430 million in the company. Balingen is the headquarters of the company, further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Shanghai and San Louis Potosi (Mexico).

Floor Construction

International trade fair for floor construction: earth tones and metal glass granulate Memmingen/Feuchtwangen are needed. Red and grey tones: are the color trends in screeds. Earth – and gold-colored glass granulate, which can be mixed with the concrete are also very much in demand at the moment. This tells Stefan Rudrich of the Fabrino production company mbH & co. KG. The company headquartered in the Bavarian Memmingen specializes in the production of additives for architectural concrete and is regarded as one of the world’s leading companies in this field.

By June 30 through July 2, 2011 Fabrino will present 2011 trend colours and glass granules for concrete floors at the international trade fair EstrichParkettFliese (EPF) in Feuchtwangen. “The current floor colors are clearly red and grey tones”, reported sales manager Rachnabto. Often, the optics of the screed with glass granules will beefed up even further. Here are earth tones at the customer at the moment and gold the Favorites. A trend, which comes from the Arab region and interspersed in this country more and more. The design surface is needed especially for hotel lobbies and representative companies floors.

High-quality screed can look fine also the floors of Metro stations. The bottom is but reserved not only companies, hotels and travel companies. More and more private house owners opt for the sophisticated eye-catcher. Color pigments in powder or liquid form available Fabrino delivers products for the refining of architectural concrete precast plants, ready-mixed concrete plants and concrete stone manufacturers for many years. The staff successfully transferred this knowledge on screeds and industrial floors. Whether a color as a powder or in liquid form is mixed with the screed, depends first and foremost the technical requirements. Experts argue about, whether liquid paints or pigments used, so that this is fast becoming a philosophical question”, explains engineer Torsten Rosenberg. The head of application engineering at Fabrino is for the Product development and testing charge. Fabrino can deliver the glass granules in numerous colors. The special thing about them is their special plastic coating. The coating prevents that glass and concrete in contact with each other can come and respond to each other. Also the so-called Fabrino color coats give an extraordinary look the screed and are patented. With the color coats for cementitious flooring Fabrino has an outstanding position in the competitive market. At the trade fair of EPF Fabrino is represented for the first time this year. “We look forward to many interesting conversations and answer all questions,” says Rachnabto. The company can be found at stand number A7. Target group for the products of the company are screed Leger, which serve the exclusive market.