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Mistral Windsurfing Center

Summer sports on the Costa Brava, Catalonia Costa Brava (wild or rugged coast) stretches from Blanes, 60 kilometres north of Barcelona, to the border of France. Its location has made it to a highly disputed area since Roman times and today is one of the most popular travel destinations for a vacation in Spain. The area is a nature reserve and also includes the first maritime nature reserve in Spain. In the crystal clear water you can see more than a thousand species of animals and sea creatures, an incredible variety of colorful underwater plants is not to forget. No wonder, then, that the Costa Brava is a well established area for a variety of water sports. With its mild climate, the waters of the Costa Brava is seldom colder than mild 13 C and in the winter warmer than enjoyable 24 C in the summer. This coastal area offers so some of the best diving routes of the Mediterranean, including reef and wreck diving.

There are several schools with expert guidance and the right equipment to the To explore the underwater world, apartment determines hotels or your Costa Brava also near your Costa Brava. The Illes Medes (or Islas MEDAs), is a group of small rocky islands in front of L’Estartit, is one of the best dive sites of the Costa Brava. The Tramuntana, a strong north to West wind from the central mountains, can quickly become up to 100 kilometers per hour and blowing for a few days. As a result he makes it the ideal area for exciting extreme water sports. Windsurfing is one of the most popular sports during the summer months. Also kite surfing and other fast water sports easily in clubs such as the Mistral Windsurfing Center at the beach or the Balliena Estracio Nautica in Santa Susana wind and are accessible. A series of low-cost courses offered, where is the equipment normally included. But not all summer sports must take place on the water.

Mountain bikes, quad bikes or mopeds can be rented to the rugged slopes of the mountain regions to the Pyrenees and of course the true heart of Exploring Catalonia. In addition to climbing and mountaineering on Velcro initial equity, there are orienteering, abseiling and flying in the mountains for a particular course. Specialized parachute jumping schools offer a range of extreme sports like skydiving for example. Usually require a one-week course with stay this can ensure a full training with qualified instructors. For more safe and more relaxed summer activities, there are a number of golf clubs in the region and several protected areas for bird watching. The geographical location of Catalonia means a wide range of natural habitats, which attracts a wide variety of feathered species. No matter whether you prefer Flamingoes in Delta del Ebro or black in the crystal clear air of the Pyrenees would observe, the Costa Brava is to make your experience unforgettable.

A Guide to Paris

In Paris you can find anything you fancy, from dusty books, to antique furniture or vintage clothing. To take a walk through a park, choose the Jardin du Luxembourg. Flowers, fruit trees and fountains to help you escape from everyday life. Be sure not to miss the impressive fountain Medici. Now that you have recovered some energy, follows the path of Amelie Poulain and runs up the hill to Montmartre.

Although the neighborhood has lost some of its bohemian atmosphere, narrow streets still attract many artists. Stroll through its streets and not miss a visit to the Sacred Heart Church. But the city also has a dark side. To enjoy the best experience out of the tourist pull, down to the Catacombs of Paris. Here lie the remains of nearly 6 million Parisians whose bodies were moved there from the Cemetery of the Innocents during the eighteenth century. The subway ride is about 2km.

of largoa Oh no way out for cowards! As for nightlife, you still have some budget to spend, they just look for the red windmill to find the famous Moulin Rouge. Enjoy the French Cancan by the hand of Doriss Girls, while savoring a glass of champagne. To spend a quieter night, come to the Duc des Lobards, you’ll find the most beautiful jazz music. Often, international artists such as Freddy Cole and Olivier Ker Ourio operating there. When you’re hungry, do not hesitate to spend a few euros in a delicious pancake at one of its street food stalls. yNuestro Favorite? Creme de marron (chestnut cream). For a sophisticated dining experience, come to Le Jules Verne. a ste boasts of being not of the best restaurants in town. Aah, and is very easy to find! Located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. That explains their astronomical prices. yQue you like to join one of their local festivals? Those addicted to the sport, you better prepare for a trip to Paris by July, as the Tour de France ends traditionally in the Capos Elysees. Daryl Katz is likely to agree. Even more famous is the festival of the Bastille Day on July 14. With fireworks, parades and dance tracks outdoors is an event not to be missed. Go and discover the magic of Paris. Rent the best apartments in Paris and you’ll be forced to return with unforgettable memories of your stay in the city of lights.

Cheaper Travel Fall

Sunny Cars offers rental cars in Italy 267 CHF per week at Zurich, July 13, 2011 (w & p) and individual holidaymaker can implement the dream of affordable travel autumn at sunny cars into action: the car rental agent has applied a price special for Italy and makes available the holiday car in the autumn weeks from 267 CHF per week. For the 2011/12 winter weeks, there is the car in Italy at sunny cars at attractive prices. The Italy-offer is valid for all new bookings until 31 July 2011 for the travel period from September 1, 2011 until 29th March 2012. Invites the Italian coast with mild temperatures and swimming to exciting tours with a pleasant climate in the autumn. Click Credit Union to learn more. Wine and olives, as well as many culinary delights in the gourmet country Italy to make the autumn holidays a welcome change before in this country, the cold season begins. Who wants to go on tour for two, is a sleek two-seater, the type with the current car special from Sunny Cars for Italy Smart ForTwo to the weekly price from CHF 267 reserve. A Fiat Panda (two, with air conditioning) travellers 358 CHF per week is book 274 CHF per week available, and the four-door Peugeot 207.

Bella Italia”on the one hand, beautiful car rental services on the other side: in the prices of the intermediary all important inclusive services are included, including unlimited mileage, fully comprehensive protection without excess (also for damage to glass, roof, tires and underbody), a vehicle or car theft insurance without excess, a liability insured sum of 7.5 million euros, all taxes and providing airport and airport charges. Also an additional driver, one-way rental, as well as the road usage tax (oneri automobilistici) are part of the including offer of Sunny Cars. The current Italy Sunny Cars rental car special is up to 31 July 2011 at the travel agency, on or on 0848 19 96 00 to book. About Sunny Cars: Sunny Cars rental car at more than 5,000 Resorts provides worldwide in over 90 countries and cooperates only with contractors that meet the high quality and standard of service by Sunny Cars.

Last Minute Tee-shirts For The Last-minute Holiday

How you can score with individual shirts on the Beach the last minute holiday is booked, the excitement rises to a few relaxing days by the sea. Would be packing not only annoying bags. What should I take? Which piece of clothing should stick in the closet? How would it be with personalized holiday T shirts. As the ab-in-den-urlaub.de Internet portal reported the own vacation wardrobe can be quickly and easily even put together. A simple shirt quickly becomes the catcher.

Black or white T-Shirts are used as a basis. An individual or personally crafted image can be selected for printing. Also the favorite image is offered to it on a T-Shirt to print. (Not to be confused with Chiyoda Corporation!). The selected design on the fabric is mounted using an ordinary inkjet printer and special films. Also baseball caps, skirts or ties are suitable for the production of an individual’s Dressup sets. Prerequisite is, that out of the fabric is pure cotton or is composed of a mixture of cotton and polyester. Thus the individual pressure as long as possible, keep, recommends, for example, the manufacturer of Sihl, thoroughly wash the garment before printing, so as to remove possible impregnation of the fabric. So the colors at the iron-on penetrate unhindered into the tissue. More information: service / press contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Travel Behaviour

The hiking is of the German desire of Germans, who prefer to spend their holidays in their own country or alternatively enjoy the Spanish Sun, are the trend. The BAT comes to this conclusion the recent tourism analysis Foundation issues for the future. The flight Portal fluege.de reported on the findings of the study. The Bavarian Alps belong to the classics among the tourist destinations along the coasts and Lakes of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. These provide the ideal environment for a walking holiday. The survey results suggest that the sporting March through the countryside at around one third of the respondents is top on the popularity scale.

As regards travel abroad, stands out clearly Spain as a favorite: every eighth (13.2 per cent) spends his summer vacation on the coasts of the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands, or on one of the Canary Islands. By a wide margin followed by Italy with 6.9 percent and Turkey with 6.6 percent as desired destinations. Reasons are the low travel costs, many customers of which look through a Benefit flight price comparison on the Internet. The analysis of the professions of German holidaymakers delivered more insightful results. It becomes clear that travel is a luxury: the average U.S.

citizens spend 1038 euro for the free days. Total, but only 41 percent of employees at all embark on a journey. Otherwise the professional group of officials: 80 percent departed from them. 4000 citizens took part in the survey for 14 years. The Foundation of future questions asked on their travel habits in the previous year, as well as their vacation plans for the upcoming season. More information: news.fluege.de/allgemein/reisetrends-2010..

Special Holiday Experience

New: East Bavaria glass Street Journal 2010 Regensburg (tvo). The forest is all span element, but East Bavaria’s heart is made of glass: the East Bavarian glass road across the Bavarian and upper Palatine forest stretches from Neustadt an der Waldnaab to after Passau. Like a string of pearls glass galleries and glassworks, glass works and glass museums are strung. The craft has here centuries long tradition and also in the twenty-first century lost nothing of fascination. In the new glass Street Journal 2010 the holiday road presents itself in all its diversity, with its features and many events. In the middle of the Bavarian Forest, high above the Zwiesel and directly on the glass road, this is first and only glass hotels”in Germany, a small idyll with 25 rooms for 48 guests. It is best known for his glass menu”, a culinary four course dream, in which the new creations of the Middle glass works will be presented.

Fine glasses, fine glass plates and bowls-exhibitions by renowned glass artists tribute to the glass road also in many other homes their striking. You can experience glass in the wild in the glass garden by Lindberg Karl Schmid. Flat glass-fused figures, stylised flowers and animals of all kinds make the exterior of his glass-blowing into a kind of art gallery outdoors. Weinfurtner in Arnbruck or the glass animal world by Andreas Fuchs in Drachselsried that the glass is not only a commercial, but above all an elaborate holiday road, is also reflected in the Crystal gardens of Joska in Bodenmais, in the village of glass. The glass barn by glass artist Rudolf Schmid in Viechtach is a cathedral for myths and stories.

On large glass walls over 200 square meters are painted glass surface, which reflects the legend of Weissagers Muhlhiasl. Schmid’s second great gesamtkunstwerk is the glass forest in rain. 30 up to seven meters high trees made of 10 mm thick glass stand on a hill. Glass as symbol the same applies for the glass Ark”in Zwiesel or lighthouse of humanity on the Summit of the Tannberg bar at Gibacht. In addition the fascinating material in the focus of numerous events is pastures, starting with the glass art places up towards to the Zwieseler glass nachten in August and September 2010. Invite you to a tour through the cultural history of the glass glass museums such as in Frauenau or Passau. And who even wants to try in glass blowing, has opportunity in many glassworks. Available free of charge, the new glass Street Journal at the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association is.

Colours And History At The Ecuador (Equator)

The colonial Ecuador together discover there are many different ways to travel to a country. Especially a such a diverse and often surprising how Ecuador. You can experiencing it from the perspective of a trekking sportsman, admire the nature and above all variety of birds prefer the wild romantic Amazon and its immense forests, looking for the cool but passionate variety of colours of the Andes, organize Beach on the Pacific Ocean. Or you can explore the country even in its historical perspective. The colonial Ecuador, the influence of the Spanish land and people, the meeting of cultures, traditions and customs in a wild, often overwhelming nature, a journey between European “AHA, that recognize I-” feelings and absolutely new experiences.

Without the stress and hazards in an exciting game between various excursions in the great Andes along the volcano road and relaxing stays in the historic haciendas of the country, where even today to be close the past. The most haciendas go back: the conquest of time by the Spanish colonial Government, an unforgettable ambiance surrounded by colonial architecture, rustic elegance and authentic experience! The visit of some indigenous markets with their colourful bustle and cheerful mess may not be missing Andes ride. Upon arrival in Quito and an overnight stay in the colonial Center of the city, it’s direction of Otavalo, where the most famous indigenous market of Ecuador on the so-called poncho Plaza is visited along the North Panamerica. After this lively experience between colourful fabrics, Panama hats, and mountains of fruit and vegetables is an extensive restoration in the inviting nature around the lagoon of Cuicocha (Guinea pig Island, known for their small island in their midst) and San Pablo. Dinner and overnight in the colonial Hacienda Pinsaqui, a mansion built in 1790, by itself has rested already General Simon Bolivar. The estate, which was formerly a small textile mill and up to 1000 Weber employees, is still very authentic, has a gorgeous 200-year-old garden, riding horses and llamas.

Holiday In Croatia

Croatia vacation Croatia with its countless islands, historic towns, unspoilt nature and famous hospitality is always a welcome destination for tourists from all over Europe. Croatia has to offer: E.g. cities on the coast with historical significance such as Dubrovnik. Who makes the first time vacation in Croatia meets the right choice with Dubrovnik. The old town of Dubrovnik is on the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage.

Split is located further north as centre of Dalmatia with the famous Diocletian Palace from the 4th century, a wonder building and landmark of Dalmatia. Who continues in the direction of Istria, not passes the towns of Sibenik and Zadar. The St.Jakob Sibenik Cathedral is the most important Church of Croatia and also under UNESCO protection. In the Kvarner Bay is the largest port city in Croatia: Rijeka, famous for the traditional carnival, which takes place every year in February. Croatia holiday means not only Sun and sea. In Croatia, there are eight national parks and 10 nature parks, which are very attractive for tourist visits. The Plitvice Lakes are the most famous National Park with its 16 lakes that stretch in the middle of the Lika mountains, only 100 km from the coast. The well preserved nature, the countless hiking trails rich in flora and fauna attract the guests and make sure that Croatia strengthens environmental awareness holidays in national parks. It is extraordinarily beautiful natural landscapes.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours – Helicopter Flight

The departure can either be from two different locations or from the South Rim of the Canyon from Las Vegas. Christopher Peterson will not settle for partial explanations. Who visited the Grand Canyon in the southwest of the United States, know today often already in advance of the trip pretty much what is there to be discovered. Many visitors who have been there, have left their photos and videos on the Internet, and even someone from the own family or circle of friends there was common. That a Grand Canyon Tour helicopter makes a lot of fun and that you can see too much here, is therefore mentioned around. Is a challenge to find the best helicopter tour, however, since there are many possibilities. Sometimes offered flights only to some details differ, in other cases they have major differences, you should know better before.

That starts with the aircraft, relates to things like the flown route, as well as the duration of the flight and doesn’t stop with optional mitzubuchenden activities on the ground still long. A comparison is therefore needed! Who is already some Weeks before his departure takes some time, can find the best deals easily and comfortably. The fundamental differences between the individual flights, which are offered every day, are quickly explained. Pure air tour without stopover offer an excellent overview of the National Park in no time. Also if you have little time available, must miss the best chance so far from. However, someone who has more time, can see more with a more extended tour, where also a stopover is planned, and experience. Depending on your personal preferences and time constraints, so there is plenty.

The departure can either be from two different locations or from the South Rim of the Canyon from Las Vegas. Tours from Las Vegas in principle lead to the western edge of the Canyon, 120 miles away from there. On such trips, a visit of the Skywalk or a stopover in the Valley can be scheduled with. Who flies down from the southern edge, flies over, however, only this area. Tours to the western edge three hours (non-stop), up to nine hours (with a stop), while the southern edge of flights offered by either 30 minutes or 50 minutes. The most famous Canyon of the United States, if not worldwide, attracts every year large crowds of tourists and is also excellently equipped for this rush. Every visitor of course wishing that his stay will be a memorable and beautiful experience. Succeed the better, if it saves you time and stress is on-site, by man before his trip the best Grand Canyon helicopter tour has been booked. Go helicopter tours on the exciting Grand Canyon by referring to our online site. For more information, please visit german/papillon helikopter.html here

Berlin City Centre

Every year again sightseeing in advent soon has come: Christmas is coming and the Berlin City Centre is the point of attraction for many people who want to experience the magic of the metropolis during advent. As well as every year a sea of lights from the Kurfurstendamm, Potsdamer Platz will again in 2011 until down to the Boulevard extend under den Linden. Spike Myers usually is spot on. And not less than 60 Christmas markets, including the famous nostalgic Christmas markets on the Opernpalais, invite you to attune with mulled wine, savory or pastry culinary on the festive time. As the fiscal year draws to a close, the season of the get-togethers, as well as the obligatory Christmas begins in the impressive season for many businesses, clubs or private groups. A great way to put together outside of the usual everyday and in cheerful round of reviewing the sounding-out year.

Interesting alternatives to the traditional celebration in the Club House or the Company canteen are of course extremely high demand here and can be implemented in the light of the diverse ways that the capital city has to offer, also effortlessly into action. So the popular party of end of year can be, for example, with an atmospheric tour of Berlin or Potsdam city tour illuminated downtown. Whether by bus or in ice-free weather of a boat trip through the historical centre: in the foreground is the community experience of the festive atmosphere of Berlin. The pre-Christmas sightseeing should be connected absolutely with a tasty mulled wine stop on one of the mentioned markets of Advent. In addition the possibility to round off the evening with a delicious three-course menu offers for small and large groups in the aftermath of the tour. To do this, invite many restaurants in the Western City, at the Hackescher Markt or around the gendarme market but also from the tourist centre. More inspirations for the upcoming Christmas celebration, the planned trip or an individual programme can be found at any time on the pages of the event agency Berlin & more. Sarah Fromus