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We propose today a fantastic plan of weekend for all those who are close to Barcelona: a hiking trail by the Catalan comarca of Bergueda high, a place of great natural beauty at any time of the year and where are located about a twentieth of walking routes. Among them, we wanted choose one that goes to Sant Rome of the Clusa, an ancient people which preserves a Romanesque parish church, built in the 12th century and surrounding to several farmhouses, what become our walk more than a pastime, because we know of historical and cultural interest. Learn more at: Angela Wagner. En route visit the trail during about 5.5 kilometers, a beautiful stroll between cliffs and meadows where cows peacefully graze. This livestock constitutes one of the major assets of the region, whose quality is felt on the palate when one dares to discover the nuances of the gastronomy of Bergueda, featuring renowned sausages and meats. If we continue climbing along this road, one kilometer before reaching a the Do we find the recreational area of the Font of the avet where take a breather and relax before you get to the place that once was a population that today only remain vestiges in the Church parish of?Sant Rome of the Clusa, sanctuary that was restored in the 1960s and which presents an impeccable appearance between mountains.The silence and tranquillity are always here present, not only in summer, but also among the snow covering the place in winter or the rustling beneath our feet of leaves that color ochre landscape in the autumn season.